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What to expect at Xenses Park in Mexico

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

This place will have you discovering your senses: where you do not know if you are going up or down, right or left, if you are tall or small. This park will have you questioning your reality, while heightening and messing with your senses. Welcome to an adult version of a children's museum, located in Mexico. It will bring you back to all of the wonderful memories you had as child, when discovering something new was fun and exciting. Heck, this place will have you feeling like a kid all over again.

COVID-19 Warning: Masks are required on the transportation bus and when entering the park. However, a mask is not required in the park. For safety, your temperature will be taken at the entrance and your shoes will be sanitized.

About Xcaret Park

Xenses Park is one of the spectacular, well thought out, Xcaret Parks of Cancun and Riviera Maya. If you have not tried one of the Xcaret Parks, you really need too! As someone who loves to travel, these parks offer you glimpses into Mexican culture. What is Xcaret park? I would consider them to be a Mexican theme park. If you are someone who enjoys an authentic experience and hates theme parks, this park is not for you. If you want an excursion that will give you all the fun experience of Mexico, without a huge price tag, then you will love these parks. Click here for tickets.

The park is one of the many free excursions, if you stay at the Xcaret Hotel. Please click here for the blog post Guide to Xcaret Hotel in Mexico.

Insider Tip: If staying at this Xcaret Hotel, no reservations are required. A bus is available, throughout the day, to take you to the park.

Park Information



Online: $62.99

In person: $69.99


Online: $31.49

In person: $34.99

Hours of operation

Open Monday - Friday

8:30am - 7:00pm

Age Requirement

5 and up

5 - 11 years get half off tickets

It takes about half a day to complete the park.

Where is Xenses Park

Mayan Riviera in Mexico just outside of Cancun, Mexico.

Wrist Band

You will receive a wrist band at the entrance. This is your selfie stick. Just scan your wristband and say "cheese" at any of the selfie stations. You can buy all the pictures for a very low price and it's 100% worth it.

Selfie photo stations are located all over the park. There is no need to carry around a camera, these guys are located in all the important spots, so all you need is your wrist band to activate them. Scan away!

Here is an example. You cannot get a picture like this with your phone!

Lockers & Cubbies

You are given free lockers with keys at the beginning of the park to hold your valuables. Before an activity, you are given cubbies to store your items. This is where you will keep your hats, shoes, masks, sunglasses, etc., before each activity. You do not want to keep any items of value in these cubbies. It was perfect spot for my $10 amazon sunglasses and mask. Keep your fancy, name brand glasses, at the hotel.

There are two paths you can take.

Path of Doing

The Heartbeat

This is where you will come across what I call the beating heart, which is a popular item at the Xcaret Parks. You can touch, hear and feel it. Getting to the heart is an experience all on it's own. I will not go into detail, because you need to do it for yourself.


This town will have you arguing with your spouse. I guarantee it! We could not agree...were we were going up or down?! It's so confusing! The laws of physics do not apply in this small town. We still do not know who was right...probably me, even if I was wrong, I am still right!

Insider Tip: You will notice that I have mud, all over me, in every picture. We went straight to the salt river and mud bath because we wanted to relax. Learn from my poor decisions, if you want pictures of you at the park without mud all over you, then I suggest doing the mud bath last.


Once you are finished with the town, you will be walking throughout the Mexican caves, which will lead you to all of the amazing activities. Stop for some selfies along the way!


Start by jumping on a water slide, that will take you though the jungle and drops you out into a small oasis. Who doesn't like an adventurous and fun water slide?

Bird Flight

Fly though the jungle! Make sure you scan your wrist band as you take off.

Salt River

Float down a salty river inside a cave. It takes relaxing to the next level. This was amazing! I could do this all day.

Mud River

After the salt river, is the mud river. Relax in mud or just embrace the mud like my husband did. Doesn't he remind you of that part in the Gladiator movie "Are you entertained"?

I, on the other hand, spent my time in the mud relaxing. They say opposites attract. My skin felt so amazing afterwards. The verdict is in, I need one of these at my house, when I become a millionaire...LOL!

Insider Tip: Interesting part about floating in mud is that you cannot sink. It will force you to the top. Go ahead and try for yourself.

Insider Tip: After the mud river, you will go though an adult car wash. FYI - You will not be able to get all the mud off. Keep that in mind when picking out your bathing suit. I would stay away from anything that is white. The white lace, around my bathing suit, looked terrible after the mud bath.

Path of Feeling

Way of Dwarfs and Giants

This area is suppose to have you experience what it is like to be a dwarf and a giant. However, it was lame for us. We just didn't seem to understand. Maybe it was created so you can get some great pictures, but not created for an actual experience.


Go deep inside a cave, in complete darkness. The goal is to figure out if you are in a jungle, meadow, desert or forest. Personally, I was not able to complete this activity. I could not walk in the complete darkness. I was scared out of my mind. After speaking to several other people who tried to complete this activity, I felt justified. It's not as easy as seems. Let me know, if you were able to complete it. Have fun!

Fantastic Scenarios

If you are looking for some amazing Instagram pictures, then this is the spot for you. This is where you can capture some great optical illusion pictures. It is so much fun!

If you are staying at the Xcaret Hotel or hanging out in Cancun, but only have half a day to do something, then buy your tickets now. This place will have you arguing, relaxing, confused and excited in a short period of time. Although it is only half a day, you will feel like you have been gone all day. There is a ton to see and do!

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