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Weekend in Dallas with Kids

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Looking for a weekend getaway with the kids? I got you covered.

Weekend in Dallas with Kids

Where to Stay in Dallas

Our favorite spot to stay is in the suburbs of Dallas, in the small city of Lewisville, TX.

Our favorite hotel in Dallas is TownePlace Suites by Marriott, Dallas- Lewisville.

suites at TownePlace Suites by Marriott, Dallas- Lewisville

We love this hotel because:

A) It's close to my brother in law's house.

B) Sometimes we can score the two bedroom suite for $100 night! If not it's around $149 a night, which is still reasonable. The one bedroom goes for $94 with a kitchen.

The hotel is updated and clean. The two bedroom suite gives our teenager her own room (aka privacy) and it gives us an awesome kitchen. The kitchen has everything you need to make a meal: pots, pans, plates, utensils, and cups. We usually bring plenty of food and snacks to store in the kitchen, so we can save money. Another huge perk is this hotel provides a free continental breakfast buffet every morning.

hotel in dallas

The only problem with a huge suite, is you may lose a child. (hehe)

baby playing in hotel in dallas

Friday Evening in Dallas

Medieval Times with Dinner & Tournament

Medieval Times with Dinner & Tournament

I suggest showing up early. It's hard to find a parking spot and you could be doing circles for up to 20 minutes, also, the lines are long to get into the castle.

We usually get the "Royalty Package" which is perfect for our family. You get a shorter line at the entrance, VIP lanyards, early table seating, & front row seats. Also,VIP guests get one free picture per person. So we received four free pictures. Below is the free picture:

Also, look on the website, they usually have coupon codes on the main page. Right now use coupon code: WINTER19 | Valid for shows through 3/3/2019. Sometimes you can score tickets on groupon.com

The food is included with your ticket and it is authentic for the setting and good.


Tomato Soup

Main Course:

Roasted Chicken on the bone


Herb Basted Potatoes

Garlic Bread


Pound Cake

You are stepping back in time so no silverware you can only use your hands. Don't forget the home made meade to drink and grog!

dinner at Medieval Times with Dinner & Tournament

The show is fun and entertaining. The best part is cheering for your knight. Go Green Knight!

celebrating at Medieval Times with Dinner & Tournament

Saturday in Dallas

We started the day with our free breakfast at the hotel then we headed out to The Dallas World Aquarium. You have to pay for parking downtown. The lines are long and go slow however it's worth the wait. We took plenty of snacks to entertain the kids while we waited in line.

First, you walk thought several levels of the rainforest atrium starting at the top and ending at the bottom. We had lunch at the concession stand at the top level atrium, because the prices were reasonable. Also, check out the massive albino crocodile at the lower level. It's super cool.

rain forest at Dallas World Aquarium

bird at Dallas World Aquarium

Once you complete the rain forest it's time for the awesome Aquarium.

shark at Dallas World Aquarium

**Wagons are allowed**

kids in wagon at Dallas World Aquarium

Dinner in Dallas

My in laws are creature of habit so of course we ate at a chain restaurant. It was my first time to eat at Pluckers and it was really good. I was pleasantly surprised. I had the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich which was delish.

Puckers Wing Bar Logo

Sunday in Dallas

Forth Worth Zoo

The word on the street is the Forth Worth Zoo is better then the Dallas Zoo. Therefore, we chose to explore the Forth Worth Zoo. The awesome part is the zoo is expanding and they just purchased 10 acres in 2017.

Fort Worth Zoo


We heard the parking was horrible so we voted to take the Forth Worth bus service aka Trinity Metro. We parked, bought our tickets, then had lunch at Subway in the Metro Center while waiting for the bus. The best part is they drop you off about 1/2 mile away from the Zoo entrance and you miss all the crazy traffic. Kinda like VIP service to the Zoo.

The Forth Worth Zoo is one of our favorites.

dad and son at Fort Worth Zoo

son on alligator at Fort Worth Zoo

Dinner in Dallas

Finally, for dinner, we stopped by our favorite chain restaurant in Texas, Pappasitos. It's always nice to have a yummy meal before you hit the open roads and head home. This restaurant is a must when in Texas.

Papasitos in Dallas