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Waco, TX; Birthday Weekend in Magnolia

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Where to stay, where to go, and where to eat in Waco, Texas.

Weekend in Magnolia

Where to stay in Waco:

I suggest you rent a house that was seen on "Fixer Upper" via Airbnb or VRBO. They have a HUGE selection of fixer uppers online and the awesome part is you should be able to find your favorite house from your favorite episode. I picked season 3 "The Bachelor Pad" because it was my personal favorite house. (In most cases, renting a house can be cheaper then renting a hotel room. Compare prices before booking)

We scored big when renting the "Bachelor Pad", because it is in the middle of downtown Waco and close to everything. Magnolia Market and Magnolia Table is about a 15 minute drive away. Also, if you need groceries Target is 5 minutes away.

When selecting, pay attention to location. For Example, Magnolia Bed & Breakfast is in an entirely different city, which is about 30 minute drive to Waco.

Bachlor Pad in Waco

I have to say seeing Joanna Gaines work in real life is impressive. This home was absolutely stunning and she paid attention to every detail. I feel as though renting a fixer upper is a MUST because it gives you the full Magnolia experience.

Bachlor Pad Home on Fixer Upper

This house was huge and had ton of rooms. Sadly, it was too cold for us to truly enjoy the outside activities such as the volleyball court, basketball court, and ping pong table.

Outside Bachlor Pad on Fixer Upper

However, we did have time to enjoy the board games. One thing we have learned is most rentals have large selection of board games which we love.

Playing Games at Bachlor Pad in Waco

Playing Games at house by Fixer Upper

Be prepared, the Waco tour buses comes around often. My husband had fun time entertaining the tour buses when they came by. (embarrassing)

Fun Fact: "the bachelor" owns Waco Tours.

You get a 20% off discount if you rent their home. I had Waco Tour on my "to do" list, but we ran out of time.

Waco Tour Bus

Where to go in Waco:

If you are hoping to run into Chip & Jo in Waco, then don't hold your breath. I heard they do not go to Magnolia Market or Magnolia table. They keep to themselves and stay away from the crazy crowd of fans. Can you blame them? We are crazy lol.

Magnolia Market & Silos

Takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete- (Closed on Sunday)

601 Webster Ave Waco, TX 76706

Parking- If you can parallel park then you can find parking a spot, otherwise you may have to pay for parking at the local church.

When you walk up to the Magnolia Market it's breathtaking. The shopping area is in a medium size building with decorations, candles, and t-shirts. Everything is expensive so be prepared. I would say prices are the same as theme parks.

Magnolia Market

I bought this shirt for $26, and this really small candle for $28. I've wanted this shirt for a very long time. It screams "I've been to Magnolia Market!"

Shirt at Magnolia Market

Candles at Magnolia Market

You can pose in front of the beautiful silos.

Hopefully, your friends and husband do not photo bomb your silo pictures. (Yes, I had no clue they were there. They were really quiet.)

Magnolia Market Silos

Do not forget about the extra shopping area next to the silos called Magnolia Seed & Supply. They have super cute gardening décor.

Magnolia Seed and Supply at Magnolia Market

Also, they have wide selection of food trucks outside. I wanted to try the Magnolia Bakery cupcakes, but the lines to the bakery are ridiculous so I went to the food truck bakery. The selection is limited at the truck, but there is no line. I was trilled to try the Silobration cupcake. Honestly, it wasn't that good so I'm thankful I didn't stand in the bakery lines for hours. However, my daughter enjoyed her Lemon & Lavender cupcake.

Cupcake at Magnolia Market

We tried the sweet tea at the food truck, and the tea was delish. It wasn't too sweet, which is how I prefer my sweet tea. The awesome part is the tea cost $7 and it's in a large labeled glass mason jar that you get to keep. I think if the jar was for sale inside the market, then Joanna would have charged $30 for this same glass jar. We kind of re-gifted the sweet tea glass jar, with the caramel candy from Magnolia Table, and gave it to my mother-in-law for watching our kids. She loved it. Win win!

Tea at Magnolia Market

Harp Design Company

808 North 15th Street, Waco, TX- (Closed on Sunday)

Visit Harp Design Company aka Clint Harp's shop which is Joanna Gaines' carpenter on Fixer Upper- takes about 30 minutes

Get picture in front of the sign.

Harp Design Company Sign in Waco

The store is small, but it has a cute selection of wood home décor made by the locals.

Harp Design Company in Waco, Texas

Take time to look at Clint's house next door, which was designed by Joanna Gaines on Season 1 episode 5. You can rent Clint's house on VRBO. Can we say Stunning!

Harp House on Fixer Upper

Magnolia House Bed & Breakfast

323 S. Madison Street, McGreger, TX- 30 minute drive from Waco

It's worth the drive. The place is charming and looks just like the pictures.

Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast

LaSalle Shoppes

2223 La Salle Ave, Waco, TX 76706- (Closed on Monday)

Want to antique shop like Chip and Joanne? Here is Joanna's favorite antique store on Seasons 1 & 2. I think it's my new favorite antique store. You can get lost in this store and the selection is massive.

Keep in mind, when husbands get bored they play like Chip. My husband kept calling me over to take pictures of him playing with the antiques.

LaSalle Shop in Waco Texas

LaSalle Shoppes in Waco Texas

Chip Gaines Wannabe

I'm sad I missed out on Magnolia Warehouse Shop ,which is located at the original Magnolia Store. Sadly, I thought she closed the store when she opened Magnolia Market. That's what I get for assuming. (sad face) The shop features last chance items and slightly damaged products at a discount.

Magnolia Warehouse Shop

900 Franklin Avenue, Waco, Tx 76706- (Closed on Sunday)

Magnolia Warehoue Shop

If you want to continue shopping after Magnolia Market then head down the street to the

The Findery

501 South 8th Street, Waco, Tx 76706. - (Closed on Sundays)

They have new and antique Magnolia style décor for cheaper prices.

The Findery in Waco Texas

They even own the store across the street, which is two stories. The décor is super cute and very "Joanna Gaines".

Joanna Gaines Antique Stores

Dr. Pepper Museum-

takes about 1 hour

300 South 5th Street, Waco, TX 76701

Dr. Pepper Museum

I suggest logging into Ebates then heading over to Groupon. We were able to get two tickets and two drinks for $15, then Ebates had a coupon that reduced the price down to $12, plus cash back of $2, so total $10. I hope I didn't confuse you lol. Go to Ebates then Groupon

Dr. Pepper Museum

The museum is boring (trust me). I would skip the museum and take some Instagram pictures outside.

Dr. Pepper Museum Sign

Then I would go inside for an awesome Root Beer Float or delicious Dr. Pepper. Their fountain Dr. Pepper is really good. (Tickets are not required for this)

Dr. Pepper at Dr. Pepper Museum

Show & Tell Antique

1525 Morrow Avenue, Waco, TX 76701- (Closed Sunday & Monday)

If you are still in a Dr. Pepper mood, head over to the mansion once owned by Robert S. Lazenby, who was involved in the development of Dr Pepper.

This place is super cool and right down the street from Hart Design. The mansion has Tiffany and Company stained glass windows. (enough said)

Show and Tell Antiques

Show and Tell Antiques in Waco Texas

Where to Eat in Waco:

Magnolia Table

2132 South Valley Mills, Waco, TX 76701- (Closed on Sunday)

We arrived around 9 am and waited 1 1/2 hours to be seated, but the food was amazing. It is worth the wait. I heard if you show up at 6 am there are no crowds.

Magnolia Table

While you wait for your table, they have this adorable place to shop.

Magnolia Table Store

I had to buy the famous Magnolia Table coffee cup they use at the restaurant.

Coffee Cup at Magnolia Table

You can also go over to the sitting area outside while you wait for your table, then head over to the coffee stand. You can order small pastries and coffee with free refills while you wait. The word is the coffee is to die for. Sadly, the coffee was good, but nothing I'm going to dream about every morning. The awesome part is while you wait for your table the staff passes out menus. You have plenty of time to decide on what you want to eat while you're starving and your skinny husband is eating pastries. Pic below is after pastries were demolished.

Insider Tip: Joanna mom is a regular. We saw her waiting outside for a table.

Magnolia Table

The restaurant is stunning. Sometimes I can be skeptical when it comes to reality shows. The TV has a way of making places seem gorgeous when it's mediocre in person. This is not the case with Magnolia Table. It looks better in person! Joanna really pays attention to every detail even if the camera doesn't even care about it.

Breakfast at Magnolia Table

My daughter ordered the avocado toast, which Chip gave Joanna a hard time about in the Magnolia Table episode. I ordered the burrito, which was yummy. My husband said that Joanna's biscuits were the best he ever had, which is impressive because he can be a biscuit snob. My best friend had to order two biscuits "to go", because they were so yummy. The food is beautiful just like Joanna's decorating, and it is delicious as well. You can't go wrong when ordering off this menu. Seriously, it is worth the wait!

Avocado Toast at Magnolia Table

When you get your ticket, they give you the most amazing soft, salty, caramel candy. Honestly, it is the best I've ever had. The caramel is so soft. We loved it so much we had to buy a bag at the Magnolia Table store to take to our mother in law. It makes for amazing gifts since a bag cost $6. I do not think you will find anything at Magnolia Market for that price.

Caramel Candy at Magnolia Table

Backyard Bar Stage and Grill

511 South 8th Street, Waco, TX 76706

*If you're a single female then this is the place for you. This place is full of men of all ages that look like they just stepped off the baseball field. I think we were the only females in that joint.*

The food is amazing and I can see why the men are lined up to eat at this place. Even my husband wanted to eat at this place two days in a row.

Backyard Bar Stage and Grill

Backyard Grill

Health Camp

2601 Circle Road, Waco, TX 76701

This place is across the street from Magnolia Table. It's a classic old fashion hamburger joint that's been around since 1948. The food is a step up from Sonic and the food is fresh. The prices are amazing, therefore it made my list of places to eat. It's a Waco legend.

Health Camp in Waco Texas

Hamburger at Health Camp in Waco Texas

Now that I've given you ideas ….it's time to plan that trip. No excuses!

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