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Texas Renaissance Festival

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Have you dreamed of going back in time to a magical kingdom? Then you are in luck! Welcome to the Texas Renaissance Festival, an enchanted kingdom right outside of Houston, filled with kings, queens, princesses, nobles, knights, jokers, elves, fairies, and pirates.

Texas Renaissance Festival

I have partnered with The Texas Renaissance Festival for this post. The best part for me, is they had zero restrictions when it came to my blog.


21778 Farm to Market 1774 Todd Mission, TX 77363


General Admission Festival Any Day


Adult (13+) $23.95 Children $11.95

Gate: Adult (13+) $34

Child (5-12) $17


Royal Pass

The Season Pass $299

Includes 19-Day Festival Admission & TRF after Dark Admission (21 & Older)

If you are coming to the festival, you should screenshot your ticket. Make sure the barcode is visible! Please do this BEFORE you arrive at the festival! A majority of the time, I did not have phone service. Keep in mind, it’s in the middle of the country where service is limited.

Traffic Alert per the website

We followed the directions suggestion below, and we were able to avoid all the traffic.

To avoid long traffic lines to get to the festival, we suggest that you DO NOT come from the south through Magnolia up 249 as there is construction from Tomball all the way up to 1774 to the festival. Festival patrons waited up to two hours to get to the festival coming from the south.

From SH 290

If you are coming from 290 - Exit at SH 6 toward Bryan College Station and then take SH 105 towards Plantersville. At Plantersville turn south at FM 1774 to approach the festival from the North.

From I-45

If you are coming from I-45 - Exit at SH 105 and head West. At FM 1774 in Plantersville head South to the festival gates.


Valet Parking-$35

Online: $25

Preferred Parking -$20


Free Parking- Be Prepared to walk. A good 15 to 20 minute walk.

We parked in Preferred Parking, and we took a free taxi to the gate. It is a requirement to tip the taxi driver so bring cash. Trust me it’s 100% worth it.

Texas Renaissance Festival Taxi

Dress Up

This is your chance to dress up, so do it! Otherwise, you will regret it. We had an old king and queen costume from a Halloween party a few years ago. The costumes were perfect for this occasion. You feel silly in your costumes at the gas station and on the road. However, when you arrive at the festival you will feel an odd sense of belonging and you will feel as if you are with your people.

King and Queen at Texas Renaissance Festival

If you are not the type to dress up, then I suggest doing a cool medieval braid.

Braids at Texas Renaissance Festival

My family did not dress up, and trust me they regretted it. My brother regretted it so much that he bought a shirt, cap, and sword at the festival store.

Costumes at Texas Renaissance Festival

Sword at Texas Renaissance Festival

Some stores at the festival are reasonably priced, and some are a little on the pricy side.

Costumes at Texas Renaissance Festival

Ok, maybe more on the ridiculous side.

Leather Costumes at Texas Renaissance Festival

prices for costumes at Texas Renaissance Festival

Strollers or Wagons

If you have kids bring a stroller or wagon, because it is a fair, therefore, it means a ton of walking.

Wagon at Texas Renaissance Festival


When buying a souvenir negotiate, negotiate, and negotiate. This Thor hammer was priced at $30 and we paid $25. Hey $5 bucks is $5 bucks.

Thor at Texas Renaissance Festival

This girl princess hat was a reasonable $14. If you’re looking for girl souvenirs this seemed to be the most reasonably priced item we could find.

Princess at Texas Renaissance Festival

Let’s talk food

You haven’t experienced the fair until you have had a turkey leg or sausage on a stick. Beware, the sausage on the stick is greasy.

Sasuage on stick at Texas Renaissance Festival

Turkey Leg at Texas Renaissance Festival

Another fair favorite is the soup in a bread bowl. It’s good, but not great.

Soup in a bread bowl at Texas Renaissance Festival

The garlic bread is yummy, and my personal favorite.

garlic bread at Texas Renaissance Festival

Let’s talk about the good stuff… alcohol.

**Yes, everyone is at the fair to drink. If you have kids, I suggest leaving before dark. After dark you will see a lot of drunks.**

My favorite drink the mead wine. It is so delicious. It’s $20 a bottle, but hello; one bottle is all you need. I’m actually trying to find some online to buy, because it’s that darn good.

wine at Texas Renaissance Festival

My sister in laws had the $14 strawberry daiquiris. If you’re wondering if it has liquor….. well let’s just say someone couldn’t make it home without……barfing. I would normally suggest staying away from mixed drinks at a fair, but at this fair….game on.

strawberry daiquiris at Texas Renaissance Festival

Jello Shots-I asked several family members and everyone said they were good, but they couldn’t taste the alcohol.

Jello Shots at Texas Renaissance Festival

Things to do

Skidmark- YouTube

If you love a good conspiracy theory this is the guy to find. He is a YouTube conspiracy sensation. My husband was thrilled to run into him, and they debated on a few conspiracy theories. This guy is super sweet and he knows his stuff.

Skidmark at Texas Renaissance Festival

He’s even listed in the brochure. He is located throughout the village so you have to find him. Luckily, we just happened to stumble across him.

Skidmark at Texas Renaissance Festival


They have a large selection of rides that use zero electricity. It’s like you are stepping back in time. How cool is that?

rides at Texas Renaissance Festival

rides at Texas Renaissance Festival

rides at Texas Renaissance Festival

**I suggest bringing cash for the rides, so you’re not holding up the line.**


Do not expect a prize if you win a game. You will receive a coupon for a free kiss from any person willing to kiss you back.

games at Texas Renaissance Festival

Elephants and Camels

Yes, they have elephants and camels to ride for a small fee.

Elephants at Texas Renaissance Festival


Most importantly there are a ton of free shows to watch. Make sure you pick up the pamphlet with all the show times.

shows at Texas Renaissance Festival

At the jousting my kids loved cheering on their knight. This is the most popular show at the festival. We were assigned the Spanish knight. I have to say, I think he was the coolest knight.

shows at Texas Renaissance Festival


Looking for an awesome Instagram spot? Walk thought the Magical Gardens.

You will find hidden gems located throughout the garden.

Magical Garden at Texas Renaissance Festival

Instagram Texas Renaissance Festival

Instagram Spots at Texas Renaissance Festival

Thanks for reading my blog. If you have some more inside scoops on The Texas Renaissance Festival, then shoot me an email and I will add it to this blog.