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Skopelos Island, Greece- Mamma Mia Island

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Do you love the Mamma Mia movie? If so, this is the island where the movie was filmed. I believe this is Greece's best kept secret. If you want an authentic Greek experience, this is the island for you.

Mamma Mia Church

(I dedicate this blog to my best friend Jennifer Moreno. Her love for Mamma Mia inspired this vacation, and thanks to her we were able to have a once in lifetime expereince. Love you girl!)

Here is how to get there, what to do, and where to eat.

Mamma Mia Church in Greece

Mamma Mia Movie

How to get to Skopelos Island

There are several steps you must take to get to this island.

Step 1- We took an 11 hour flight to Istanbul, Turkey (hub) via Turkish Airways.

Turkish Airlines

Let me just start with saying I love this airline. There is a wide selection of movies and games to play during the flight. They even provide a free headset, remote control, blankets, and pillows.

movie on Turkish Airline

Turkish Airlines

Upon take off, you are also given a fly kit that includes: a toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers, socks, eye mask, ear plugs, and some chapstick.

You receive two meals on this flight and unlimited free acholic beverages. Did I say that wrong? No, you can drink as much as you want for free! The food is suprisingly good. Do not let these pictures fool you. It wasn't bad at all.

Step 2 - Next, is a 1.5 hour connecting flight from Istanbul, Turkey to Athens, Greece via Turkish Airways

Again this flight came with a tv and free headphones. I watched a video on the Greek Islands to get me motivated for the vacation.

Turkish Airlines

The short flight came with a delicious free lunch.

Food on Turkish Airlines

Step 3- We stayed the night at Sofitel Hotel, which is a few steps from the Athens Airport. It's a little on the pricy side at $200 a night, but worth it, if you have flight the next day.

Sofitel Hotel in Athens

Hotel in Athens

Room at Sofitel Hotel in Athens

We enjoyed dinner in the lobby before our flight the next day.

Resturant at Sofitel Hotel in Athens

Resturant at Sofitel Hotel in Athens

The Greek Margarita was delectable and strong.

Drinks at Sofitel Hotel in Athens

My husband enjoyed the beer with pizza.

Yellow and Red Donkey Beer in Athens

Pizza at Sofitel Hotel in Athens

Step 4- The next day, we took a 1 hour Sky Express flight to Skiathos Island, which is one most dangerous landing strips in the world. Talk about a small plane. Yikes.

You are only allowed one carry on and one check in. Any additional bags are $35 Euros. Yuck

Step 5- We enjoyed Skiathos Island while waiting for our Ferry. The island is beautiful.

Skiathos Island in Greece

We walked 30 minutes to the port from the airport. You can take a bus or taxi, but after being in a plane for two days we enjoyed the walk.

Skiathos Island in Greece

I enjoyed a fish pedicure for $10 Euro while waiting for the ferry. Yes, it works! Also, it was perfect for my swollen ankles and legs after those long flights.

Pedicure Skiathos Island in Greece

Pedicures at Skiathos Island in Greece

We, also, enjoyed lunch at the port while waiting for the ferry. We ordered all the items a local would order. We asked the waiter.

food Skiathos Island in Greece

This liquor is popular with the locals and taste like black licorice.

liquor on Skiathos Island in Greece

You can even find some of the famous Mamma Mia spots while you wait.

Mamma Mia Skiathos Island in Greece

Step 6- You must take a 1 hour ferry ride (Blue Star Ferries) from Skiathos to Skopelos. This is a plane on water. ***Beware "ferry strikes" are common. So common, it happend during this trip to my best friend and her husband. They were coming back a day later than us on a Tuesday and had to reschdule to leave the same day as us on Monday. I've heard horror stories about people not being able to reschedule once the news broke out, because the ferrys do not have enough room to accommodate everyone rescheduling. People have even missed flights. Scary!***

Ferry Skiathos Island in Greece

Ferry Skiathos Island in Greece

Skopelos Island

*For the most part everyone speaks English

*Menu's are in Greek and English

*Currency is Euro

*Most places take credit cards

Skopelos Island

Best time to go?

September- tourism is low and the weather is perfect


Rent a Jeep or Car at the port- If you are from the USA, then you are in luck because they drive on the right side of the road. Also, you will notice the European cars are small for a reason, because the roads can get crazy scary.

New Law

**You must have a International Drivers License in order to rent a vehicle. It is easy to obtain but you must file for it in advance.**

Jeep's are Standard -$100 week

Jeep Rental Skopelos Island

Car's are automatic- $200 week

Rental Car Skopelos Island

Where to stay

Arktos Secluded Villa with private pool

2 bedroom & 2 bathroom- $125 a night

Bring your own coffee, laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Mamma Mia Spots

#1 Chapel of St. Johns

This famous church is located at the top of a massive rock.

**Please note, it's illegal to take rocks from this site.**

Mamma Mia Church

Mamma Mia Church

It's not easy getting to the top

Mamma Mia Church in Greece

but 100% worth it.

Mamma Mia Church

Do not forget to bring your bracelet for the Mamma Mia tree.

Mamma Mia Tree

Inside of the church in the movie.

Mamma Mia Movie

What the real church looks like inside. It's really small!

Once inside the church you can write in the prayer journal and light a candle.

Inside Mamma Mia Church

Find the secret spot behind the church.

Behind Mamma Mia Church

Behind Mamma Mia Church

**Make sure you do not forget to take some pictures of yourself in the famous Mamma Mia spots.**

Mamma Mia Church Spots

Recreate Mamma Mia Spots

Afterwards, enjoy a drink where you can view the church.

Drinks by Mamma Mia Church

or walk down to a special beach next to the church

Skopelos Island by Mamma Mia Church

#2 Drink a Mythos

Drink an authentic Greek Beer. This was my husbands go to beer on the trip and Rosie's favorite drink on Mamma Mia.

Mythos Beer in Greece

Mythos Beer in Mamma Mia Movie

#3 Kastani Beach

This is the famous Mamma Mia beach. You can see why this beach was selected for the movie, with its calm waves and perfect blue water. This is by far my favorite beach on the island.

Kastani Beach Skopelos Island

Kastani Beach Skopelos Island

You can even have lunch at the beach.

Kastani Beach Skopelos Island

Kastani Beach Skopelos Island

#4 Agnontas Beach

Honestly, this was not one of my favorite beaches. The water was calm and blue. However, compared to the other beaches it was leaning towards the boring side.

Agnontas Beach in Skopelos Island

Agnontas Beach in Skopelos Island

#5 Three Pines -Amarandos Cape

Some of the scenes in the “Mamma Mia" movie were shot at Amarandos.

Three Pines in Skopelos Island

If you are looking for a fun time on the water and need a tour guide, then you can find several vendors at the port. The prices range based on the amount of people the boat holds and the locations they travel. They even have a Mamma Mia tour.

Mamma Mia Tours

Now on to my favorite spots on Skopelos Island:

*Parking is free at beaches

* Chairs with umbrellas- $7 Euros

Cave Exploring- Hovolo

If you are looking for some caves to explore this is the beach for you.

Hovolo Beach in Skopelos Island

Hovolo Beach in Skopelos Island

Limnonari Beach- Cliff Diving

This place has some awesome jump spots along with some amazing views.

Want to swim butt naked? Armenopeta

This beach is where you will find your inner child. Yes, I was big fat chicken and elected to keep my clothes on. However, my husband was a huge fan of this lifestyle. lol.

This beach is secluded and is extremely hard to get to. You have drive down an extremely scary long dirt road.

Armenopeta Beach in Skopelos Island

Relaxing-Glysteri Beach

If you just want some rest and relaxation, this beach is perfect. We went twice and each time it was empty.

Glysteri Beach in Skopelos Island

Glysteri Beach in Skopelos Island


*Restaurants are extrmely quiet

*I never saw kids at any of the resturants.

Lunch Spot

Let's talk food! My favorite spot for lunch is the... Glifoneri (in the port town)

Glifoneri in Skoplos Island

Here is why..... the view! You will see the bluest, most gorgeous view in the world while enjoying a Greek lunch. I promise you will be mind blown.

Glifoneri in Skopelos Island

Glifoneri in Skopelos Island

Dinner Spot

My favorite spot for dinner is ...... Linarakia. The menu has a wide selection of meals and the food is delicious. Nothing like a romantic dinner by the water.

Linarakia Resturant

For dessert, their milk bread reminds me of a Texas Funnel Cake with vanilla pudding inside. Yum!

Linarakia Resturant

They give out free ice cream bars after dinner. You will notice a lot of restaurants giving out "free" items such as shots or misc. food during your meal.

Linarakia Resturant

Favorite Saganaki- Fried Cheese

Anna's Resturant on Greek Island

Dress Nice

Anna's Resturant on Greek Island

For some delicious Saganaki that has honey on top. The honey on top just takes it to the next level.

Anna's Resturant on Greek Island

After your meal they serve some of my favorite Baklava and it's free! If you love pistachios then this will take you to heaven and back.

Anna's Resturant on Greek Island

My favorite Gyros- Platanos

This place has the best Gyros and the pita bread will have you dreaming of it at night.

My favorite Galaktoboureko (Milk Cake)- International Café OMG you will thank me later.

International Cafe on Greek Island

My favorite spot for fresh squeezed orange juice.

This orange juice tastes amazing, but comes with a large price tag of $5 Euros. What makes this place so amazing is it has the best view in the port.

Orange Juice on Skopelos Island

Orange Juice on Skopelos Island

Skopelos Island

Make sure you try a Greek Coffee (do not drink the thick paste at the bottom)

Greek Coffee

and have a ton of Moussaka while on the island.


If you have some extra time visit a house that was donated to the town of skopelos by a father and daughter who were doctors on the island.

Doctors House on Greek Island

If you love a touristy island, then this island isn't for you. If you want to live, drink, and eat like a local, then you've found the right place. This island will make you feel more like a local and less like a tourist. This is why I believe that Skopelos Island is one of Greece's best kept secrets among experienced travelers.

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