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Sedona, Arizona: Is it worth it?

Every time Arizona comes up in a conversation, I immediately hear ..."Go to Sedona. You must see Sedona!". After several years, I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about. Can this Arizona city live up to my expectations? I thought to myself, how can it be any different than the beautiful Phoenix area and the Grand Canyon, which takes my breathe away. To my amazement, it lived up to all the hype! It is one of the most beautiful places on earth!

COVID-19 Warning: There is currently no statewide mask order in Arizona. However, Red Rock and Sedona have a mask order for anyone inside public spaces. Children ages 2 and younger are exempt from this order.


Native American tribes have long believed this location was sacred and should only be used for special ceremonies. In the 1940s to 1950s, Hollywood used Sedona as a movie location for Apache and Billy the Kid. By the 1980s, scientists started finding vortexes, which lead to a rise in the spiritual industry.

About Sedona

What makes Sedona so beautiful? It has massive amounts of beautiful red rocks that tower over the city and homemade shops that line the streets. Most importantly, there are breathtaking hikes on every corner. Let us not forget the mystical vortexes which make this place a holistic paradise. Now when I think of Sedona, I think artsy, laid back, relaxing and holistic. It reminds me of a rich, hippy town. Now you know why the super rich went there to escape the Coronavirus and why they are moving to Sedona. If not, once you visit Sedona, you will understand why.

What is open?

Most Sedona trails, tours, attractions and restaurants are open for businesses.


There are countless hiking options. For those of you who love the outdoors and adventure, this can be your adult playground. I suggest researching all these spots before going to Sedona, so you know what is the best fit for you and your family.

Devil's Bridge Trail

Oak Creek Canyon

Boynton Canyon Trail

Cathedral Rock Trail

Bear Mountain Trail

West Fork Trail

Fay Canyon Trail

Birthing Cave

The list goes on and on. We only had one day at Sedona, so we hiked Bell Rock. I only allowed the kids to go half way up. However, my husband went to the very top.


These Vortexes are all about energy. There are four major Vortexes located in Sedona.

Airport Mesa

Bell Rock

Cathedral Rock

Boynton Canyon

Also, the entire city is considered a vortex. Let me know, if you feel the positive energy while you are there. I think I felt it!

Pink Jeep Tours

If you are not in the mood to hike, but you still want to see Sedona, then I suggest you explore it in a Pink Jeep. This famous tour is the perfect way to explore Sedona's red rocks and it is the best way to see all of the local attractions. You may have even seen these tours on one of your favorite travel channels.


Shopping in Sedona is an experience. You will find a lot of hand crafted clothing, antiques, gifts, souvenirs, furniture and one-of-kind boutiques. While shopping, you can enjoy all of the beautiful hills and views. I heard the McDonalds is pretty cool as well.

I bought these unique and cute honey straws for my coffee, since I travel so much. Once I got home, I saw these straws in several local stores. Hehe! Clearly, I'm not in the loop when it comes to things like this! However, I suggest checking out the lotions at the Savannah Bee Company. They smell so amazing! I could not stop smelling my hands after applying the Royal Jelly Body Butter Rosemary Lavender!

Where to Eat

Sedona Pizza Company

320 AZ-89A Suite C, Sedona, AZ 86336

The oven-fired pies are delish and 100% worth the wait! This restaurant is located in uptown Sedona, on the lower level of the Sinagua Plaza. Do not let the amazing location fool you. This is NOT a tourist trap. Also, do not let the picture fool you either, because it is darn good!

I wish we could have spent more time in Sedona. I suggest you read several blog posts and spend at least two days in Sedona, so you can have the full experience. Come relaxed, have an open mind and just enjoy mother nature and all she has to offer. After relaxing in Sedona, check out my Arizona Travel Guide (coming soon) for more suggestions on things to do while you are in Arizona.

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