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Montego Bay, Jamaica; Sunscape Splash Resort

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Are you considering staying at the budget friendly, all-inclusive, Sunscape Splash & Cove? This is our 24 hour experience in Montego Bay.

Montego Bay, Jamaica; Sunscape Splash Resort


You will fly into Sangster Intl Airport in Montego Bay .The "I heart Montego Bay" sign makes for a great Instagram picture. If you are looking for it, it's by the "check in" side of the airport.

Sangster Intl Airport in Montego Bay


The hotel is only about a 20 minute ride in a motor coach booked by the resort. This ride is not included, but is only a small additional cost. As you walk out of the baggage claim you will be greeted by airport staff who are more then eager to help you find your transportation and will happily point you in the right direction. They have this down to an art. if you're worried about what to do once you get to the hotel, the drivers, during the ride, will point out restaurants, stores, and attractions on the way to the hotel. There is one hotel stop before Sunscape Splash & Cove, so make sure you get off at the right stop. We got off at Splash and had to take golf cart over to Cove.

transporation in Jamaica


American Dollars is accepted! Do not get suckered into buying Jamaican currency at the airport!

Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay

We stayed at the Sunscape Cove which is next door to Sunscape Splash. The Cove side is considered the "Club Level". When you stay at the Cove then you have access to the everything Suncape including the Pirate's Paradise Water Park. The Pirate's Paradise has a lazy river, two water slides, and an awesome pirate ship. If you have small children, then you need make sure you book the Cove. You do not want your kids staring at this amazing water park and not being able to play in it. Plus, I heard the Splash side isn't renovated and is lacking views.

pool at Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay

pool at Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay

Check In

When staying at the Cove you have your own private check in along with some of the best views of Montego Bay. Keep in mind, this isn't a five star resort, this is a cheap and budget friendly resort. For only $200 a night we were able to stay in the "Club Level" which is impressive considering it includes food and booze.

check in Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay

Get your Rum Punch at check in....delish.

rum punch in jamaica

The rooms are tidy with a modern design. But, keep in mind, it's an older resort so if you are expecting perfection consider the hotel's age. I still thought the resort looked amazing for the price and the age. Its still an older hotel but the rooms are newly renovated.

Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay

As I passed by in the hallway I saw these adorable bunk beds for children in some of the room designs . These are perfect for families with small kids. My kids would love staying in these bunk beds.

Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay

We had the ocean view which was absolutely stunning! This is our view from the balcony. My only issue is that you do see the cruise ships and airplanes traveling around you, therefore, you do not feel the relaxing excluded vibe. But overall, the view is completely worth it.

room view in jamaica

Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay

The fridge is stocked with some items to get your day started. The local Jamaican beer is called Stripped which you will be seeing a lot of in Jamaica. My husband said they sell Stripped in the US. So, if you enjoyed it, you can go to your local liquor store and stock up.

fridge Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay

It was our wedding anniversary so we were super trilled to see this sign on our door. I saw other doors labeled "Happy Birthday" therefore, make sure you let them know if you are celebrating a special occasion. You do not want to miss out on one of these adorable signs for the important someone in your life.

sign on door Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay

I started my day by hanging out on the beach drinking some Rum & Punch while my husband snorkeled the cove. My husband always brings his own snorkel gear and said the ocean looked amazing near the cove. This was his favorite spot to snorkel in Jamaica. He found a ton of sea life! I have no clue where everyone is at but the beaches seem empty in April. Not sure if this is normal or we just got lucky. . . Hanging out on the beach was nice and relaxing. Look at this view!. Stunning!

beach Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay

If you like Rum then you will love Jamaica. I swear we had Rum with everything. The Jamaican Rum is 40% proof so it will sneak up on you fast! I had enough rum to last me a lifetime!

beach with drink at Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay

Seriously, Sunscape Splash & Cove has amazing views. Everywhere you travel , pool, restaurants, bars, and the lobby you will be struck by a breathtaking view. This is the view from the Sunscape Splash Lobby. It seems like the hotel is set up to just run along the entire coast.

views at Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay


By the Sunscape Splash pool they have a Jerk Chicken stand. Honestly, it is the best chicken I have ever had. Jamaica is known for it's Jerk Chicken so this is a must to try in Jamaica. The Jerk Chicken is marinated for long periods of time. My husband was even able to eat the bones and they melt in your mouth.

jerk chicken in jamaica


At dinner they turn the pool cantina into a Seafood restaurant. Bathing suits are not allowed. You will need to go back to your room and get dressed for dinner. Trust me it's worth it. I've read so many reviews about this hotel and how the food is not the best but we thought the food was amazing! It tasted authentic and not the typical touristy style food. Keep in mind, this is all inclusive resort so if you see two appetizers you want then order two. My husband and I ordered two appetizers and my husband ordered two meals! Below is some pictures of what they serve and portion size.

dinner Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay

dinner Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay


The next day my husband and I had breakfast at the "Club Level" restaurant which only the Cove side can eat at. The breakfast was good but not amazing. However, it's an extremely romantic place! You can look past the open gardens and you can see the ocean.

breakfast Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay

Afterwards, we walk around the Cove grounds which is really breathtaking!

grounds Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay

grounds Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay


They keep the beaches clean and there is hardly any seaweed. The water is crystal blue. It is a paradise.

Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay beaches

Sunscape Splash & Cove Grounds

Nurse Station

The Nurse Station is open 24 hours. Consultations are $40.

nurse station Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay


Not sure if I would ever put my child in childcare during a vacation but I'm not going to judge anyone who does. The place actually looks really cool! Give it a try if you are in need of a break.

childcare at Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay

kids club Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay


I thought it was kinda crazy that the pools are closed at night (9:00 pm) and do not open until morning (8:00 am)! If you are looking for a resort you can party at then this is not the resort for you. The place is dead around 11:00 pm which is perfect for people who have small children or couples who go to bed early like my husband and I.

pools at Sunscape Cove in Montego Bay

Water Sports

They have the beach volleyball, snorkeling, and 5 swimming pools.

Daily Activities

Volleyball, tennis courts, horse shoes, putt putt golf, and bean bag toss.

My overall review

In the end, this resort was very small. The staff is extremely friendly and the food is delicious. if I was going to stay a week at a resort this would not be my first choice. I would be afraid of running out of things to do. If I was looking for a budget friendly resort and I was planning to stay in Jamaica for few days then this resort is on the top of my list. Overall I really enjoyed my stay.

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