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Jellystone Park in Waller, Texas

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Welcome to Jellystone Park, one of the most famous kid friendly camping grounds in the United States. As a child I loved this park, and to finally be able to take my own kids made it is a dream come true.

Jellystone Park in Waller, Texas

Ways to Stay at Jellystone Park in Waller, Texas

Lodging Jellystone Park in Waller, Texas

You can select from staying at a tent site, RV spot, or cabins. They have something for everyone's budget. Cabin sizes start as small as room for 4 people, up to cabins sizes that can sleep up to 28 people! The pictures below are from the two bedroom cabins that sleep up to 8 people.

**You must bring your own sheets, pillow cases, and comforters for all the beds. **

The cabin comes with a nice size kitchen, that is stocked with: plates, cups, silverware, pots, pans, and a coffee maker. Also, a fridge and a stove are included. You will need to pack: olive oil, salt, pepper, coffee filters, and coffee. The fridge is large, so bring all the food you need.

Loding at Jellystone Park in Waller, Texas

Luckily, the restrooms are sizable for a cabin. Bring extra toilet paper, because the cabin is only stocked with two rolls.

Lodging Jellystone Park in Waller, Texas

The stairs are steep, therefore, if you have small children it can be dangerous. My best friend rented a one bedroom and her husband had to sleep upstairs with the kids. She was worried they would fall down the stairs at night looking for the restrooms. That is why I selected a two bedroom.

Loding at Jellystone Park in Waller, Texas

Lodging at Jellystone Park in Waller, Texas

We loved having breakfast outside on the patio every morning.

Breakfast at Jellystone Park in Waller, Texas

I love coffee, and here was my view with my morning coffee.

If you want a cabin with an amazing view, I suggest a cabin by the water.

Cabins at Jellystone Park in Waller, Texas

If you plan on staying a week or so, they even have a washeteria on site.

washteria at Jellystone Park in Waller, Texas

Check In at Jellystone Park

If you show up after 7pm, do not worry, they leave the paperwork with your keys to your cabin outside in a box. All they request is you return in the morning to fill out the paperwork.

Check In at Jellystone Park

Check In at Jellystone Park

Jellystone Park Convenience Store

If you show up and you are missing something, this place has you covered. This store has everything you need, from food, to blankets, to plasticware. The best part is they do not overcharge you. I would say it's equal to Dollar General prices.

Jellystone Park Convenience Store

The store even has souvenirs you can pick up for your family and friends.

Yes, they even have beer and wine.

Beer at Jellystone Park Convenience Store

On our last day we took the kids on a golf cart to pick up ice cream at the store.

Ice Cream at Jellystone Park Convenience Store

Also, check the store to see if they have any giveaways. I was able to fill out four tickets for the four people staying in our cabin.

Contest at Jellystone Park Convenience Store

Golf Cart

Golf Cart Jellystone Park

Jellystone allows you to bring golf carts and they even have rentals. Rent your golf carts far in advance because they sell out fast. We had a blast with the golf carts. I couldn't imagine having to walk to all the events. We just jumped in the golf cart and headed off to our adventures. Keep in mind, the golf carts are electric so you have to charge them next to the cabins.

Golf Cart Charging Station at Jellystone Park

They even have charging station outside the waterpark.

Golf Cart Charging station at Jellystone park


Let me start by saying I thought Jellystone had the worst lifeguards. The lifeguards just stand around talking. However, when I saw this sign, I realized the park is not taking on any liability when it comes to swimmers. I felt better after reading this sign.

Pool Code of Coduct at Jellystone Park

The waterpark has several kiddie areas.

Kiddie Area at Jellystone Park

slides at Jellystone Park

If you show up early I suggest you find a seat in the area next to the waterslides. This is the perfect spot to pop open a beer and relax while the kids play.

** You CAN bring in a cooler AND alcoholic beverages. No glass containers.**

Kiddie Area Pool at Jellystone Park

My kids rode these slides for two days straight and they never got tired of them. This section is the most popular with the kids.

Splash at Jellystone Park

The lazy river is on the other side of the park.

lazy river at jellystone park

It has a splash-pad play area which seems to always be empty. I assume it's due to limited seating for parents.

lazy river at jellystone park

The lazy river has a little algae issue so be careful not to slip.

pool at jellystone park

The older kids have two large rides that are a ton of fun. The supervision for these rides is minimal, so keep that in mind when you send your teenagers.

older kid slides at jellystone park

My husband loves the fact the entire park doesn't have lifeguards blowing their whistle over ever little thing.

Lunch or Dinner

We had dinner one night at the grill by the pool. The selection is impressive and the food was really good. I would plan to have at least one meal at the waterpark.

grill at jellystone park

menu at jellystone park


This was our kids second favorite spot at Jellystone. They spent hours everyday playing in this massive jungle gym. **It closes at dusk.**

playground at jellystone park

Jellystone has a wide selection of play areas for kids and adults. You will never run out of things to do.

playing at jellystone park

They have an arcade area which was closed when we arrived.

arcade at jellystone park

The free putt putt golf was enjoyable.

putt putt golf at jellystone park

We thought the Wipe Out machine was broken because it was never up and running. We found out later it is only available in the summer from 8:00am-9:00am. The employees said the equipment gets too hot in the afternoon and burns people.

wipe out machine at jellystone park

Painting & Coloring Contest

The coloring contest is free. If you want to paint a statue it's a little on the pricy side, but the kids will love it.

painting at jellystone park

They have large selection.

painting at jellystone park

If the toddlers get hot, then take them into the recreation center to play. The air conditioner is blowing strong.

toddler area at jellystone park

Campground Activities

There is more to Jellystone than the waterpark. They have a ton of amazing activities to keep the kids busy. Grab an activities sheet from the front desk during check in.

campground activities at jellystone park

On Friday we attended the Color Splat fun run.

That night we had smores. You can bring the items from home or buy it from the Jellystone Store. We saw a lot of people roasting their hot dogs over the fire for dinner, then roasting marshmallows for their smores.

smores at jellystone park

eating smores at jellystone park

It was Cindy Bear's birthday weekend.

Boo Bear has birthday in June, Yogi in July, and Cindy's is in August.

On Saturday, we sang Happy Birthday to Cindy, and received free cupcakes and punch. We left the waterpark for the free cupcakes, then we headed to the foam party.

yogi bear at jellystone park

cindy bears birthday cupcakes

Foam Party

After the foam party, was the Wet and Wild Wagon Ride. You load up on the trailer with water guns. In the trailer are buckets of water to fill up the water guns. For about 30 minutes the trailer goes around the park and you shoot unexpecting campground guests. People in golf carts follow the trailers. Employees pop out behind trees with water hoses and shoot the trailer's riders. Campground guests are prepared and aim for the trailer too. You will exit the game soaked. I decided not to participate in this activity. My husband and kids had a blast.

**Bring your own water guns. The store has water guns if you forget**

wet and wild wagon ride at jellystone park

wet and wild at jellystone park

That night Cindy had a princess dress up party. It's important that you know what events are going on before your trip so you can bring the appropriate items.

princess dressup at jellystone park

If your child participated, they will receive a small gift. My daughter received this adorable princess wand. I made sure my daughter had play clothes under her dress so we could take it off and go back to playing after the party.

prices at jellystone park

Overall this park will keep you busy, because there is so much to see and do. Plan your trip in advance. Check the website for a check list of items to bring.. If you want to participate in activities make sure you bring those items. If you think I'm missing any important information, please comment below. I would love to add it to my blog.

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