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Guide to Six Flags over Texas Hallowfest

It's that time of year! Ready for spooks, thrills, and chills? Halloween is back at Six Flags over Texas every weekend until November 1st. Grab your scary mask and head out to Arlington, Texas, because it will be over in the blink of an eye.

COVID Warning: All guests over the age of 2 are required to wear a mask at the park.

Tickets and Parking at Six Flags over Texas

Online One Day Tickets

$39.99 per person

In Person One Day Tickets

$79.99 per person

To meet social distancing guidelines, all visits to the park must be pre-scheduled. You must select your day and time in advance. Also, you will need to have your online order number and ticket number handy at the time of reservation. Click here to make your reservation. Please note, only make a reservation AFTER you have purchased your admission ticket.

I suggest paying for your parking before you get to the park. You can purchase a $30 parking pass while purchasing your One Day Ticket.

Fun Fact:

“Six flags over Texas” is the slogan used to describe the six nations that have had sovereignty over some or all of Texas during its history. These nations were: Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederate States of America, and the United States of America.

Creepy Facts: The Ghost of Six Flags over Texas

Six Flags is an extremely safe place, but just like all theme parks it has it share of spooky secrets. Human error, heavy machinery, and fast speeds can lead to accidents and deaths. Six Flags has recorded 3 deaths in over 59 years.

1968- John Nelson accidently lost his balance and fell to his death while loading the El Sombrero attraction.

1999- An Arkansas woman passed away while she was on the river rafting ride, when the raft deflated then flipped.

2013- A woman fell from the New Texas Giant roller Coaster after her seat belt malfunctioned.

The ghost Annie, who some believe to have passed away in the 1990's, is said to haunt the Texas section of the park. She sometimes appears during the Mine Train attractions, and she is known to play with the lights in her house the Candy Shop. You will find the yellow house close to the Texas Giant Roller Coaster.

Costume Policy at Six Flags

Kids 10 and under can wear a full costume, including a mask and face painting. 11 years and older may wear a costume, but their mask can only cover the nose and mouth. Face painting is ok, but can not cover than 50% of the face.

Since the park requires face mask, we decided to go with spooky face masks from Amazon.

Park Rules

Make sure you follow all the height and safety procedures. You do not want to end up like these two.

What can you bring into the park

No food, beverages, or coolers may be brought into the park. If you bring your lunch in a bag or cooler, to save money, you'll have to use the picnic area in the parking lot.

Insider Tip: Bottled water can be expensive in the park, but you can ask for a free CUP of water to save money.

What to expect by day- Before the sun goes down

It's important to note that day Halloween activities are geared toward younger kids. However, the decorations are still a little on the scary side, even for younger kids.

Mystic Acres Trick-or-Treat Trail- (New 2020)

This trick-or-treat maze was created for the smaller kids. Your child will be greeted by several spooky characters along the way. Also, it's a perfect spot to get some amazing Instagram pictures.

Once you complete the maze, each kid receives a free goody bag filled with candy.

Of course, all of the parks 40 rides are still available!

What to expect by Night- After sun goes down.

Due to COVID, no inside haunted houses are available, instead they have outside haunted zones.

The zones start around 6:00pm or when the sun goes down. There are four zones: Hobgoblin Bridge, Terror Under the Tower, Toxic Danger, and Purgatory. Sinister music, along with fog will greet you at every turn.

Hobgoblin Bridge- Warning do not engage with hobgoblins, for when they’re angered they not only take your treasures but will eat you as well! Leave my son alone!

These zones are small, but the characters are top notch.

We felt like our daughter was too young for Hallowfest, but our 7 year old was well prepared. He had a blast entering the Toxic Zone, where a tragic accident released toxic materials that may have cause significant harm/mutations to their employees.

Hallowfest Food at Six Flags

The only thing spooky about these treats, is they will haunt you in your dreams. They are terrifyingly good... so good in fact you will be screaming to go back.

Haunted Themed Rides

Silver Star Scarousel, Midnight Mountain, Runaway Mine Train, and New Texas Giant.

Pumpkin Fudge

Diablo Fries

These were my personal favorite. The spicy sauce takes these cheese and beacon fries to the next level. Yummy!

Diablo Hot Dog

Funnel Scream Cake & Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake

The only thing spooky about this funnel cake, will weighing on the scale in your bathroom. However, do not freak out, this yummy delicious funnel cake is totally worth it.

Yes, liquor, wine, and beer is served at the park! Beware, they are strict at this park and everyone is required to show an ID. Only one drink is allowed per person. Do not ask your spouse to grab you a drink. Both of you must be present to each get a drink.

Gift Shops

If you love Halloween and everything scary, make sure you stop by the gift shop. Halloween-themed merchandise and scary appare,l along with everybody’s favorite glow-in-the-dark items, will be on sale. We bought this creepy clown coffee cup for our out of town college student!

If you are super hero fan, this store is for you because it is massive. They have everything you need to be a Marvel Superhero.

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