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Guide to LEGOLAND Florida

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

If you are looking for a theme park family vacation, without the Disney World price tag, then LEGOLAND Florida is the perfect theme park for you. This park is a quarter of the price and just as cool, if not, a whole lot cooler.

COVID-19 Warning: LEGOLAND Florida is operating at only a 50% occupancy and mask are not required. Before entering the park your temperature will be checked.

Important Information About LEGOLAND

This theme park is for children from the ages of two to twelve, but I think it still offers so much fun for kids and grown-ups of all ages. The park is perfect for younger kids who love rides as well. My six year old was able to ride every ride, but Mia's Riding Adventure.

Here is a LEGOLAND guide for kids that are two - What to do when 2. This guide is perfect for anyone with toddlers.

A Little Mom Disclaimer - If you are noticing my daughter's bangs, which I don't know how you can miss them...they are little on the shorter side. Her father took her to the hair dresser before this trip. I think that should clear up any questions. Enough said...deep sigh...let us move on.

What You Need to Know About LEGOLAND Florida


Orlando International Airport

LEGOLAND Florida is not located in Orlando, but about 45 minutes outside of Orlando in a town called Winter Haven.


LEGOLAND Florida hotels do not offer transportation to and from the airport. We rode an Uber for about $75.00 one way.

Park Prices:

Online: $84.99

Front Gate: $99.00

Kids 3 and under - FREE

Insider Tip: We received free, two day combo tickets (park and water park), per person with our LEGOLAND Florida hotel stay. Make sure you check out the hotel prices. It may be less expensive to stay at the hotel and then to just go to the park.


Online Preferred Parking is $33.00.

Standard parking must be purchased at the gate. You can purchase parking 30 minutes before the park opens.


See my LEGOLAND Pirate Hotel Blog - Coming Soon

There are currently three LEGOLAND hotels by the park, here in Florida.


Pirates Island Hotel

LEGOLAND Beach Retreat

Insider Tip: LEGOLAND Florida Hotel and Pirates Island Hotel are within walking distance to LEGOLAND. While, LEGOLAND Beach Retreat is a little further, but offers a free shuttle to the park.

How Many Days Do You Need at LEGOLAND Florida?

My suggestion would be to to spend two days at the park and one day at the water park. Unlike the Disney World, LEGOLAND Florida has shorter park hours, therefore, your time at the park is a little limited.

Best Time to Visit?

The park seemed to be like a ghost town during the school day, when we were there, probably due to the COVID-19 situation and the 50% occupancy recommendation, at that time.

Food and Snacks

Yes! LEGOLAND Florida allows you to bring in drinks and snacks for the kiddos.


Be sure to bring your minifigures because you are able to trade them. At Disney World, you can trade pins and LEGOLAND Florida, you get to trade minifigures. Keep your favorite and prized minifigures at home, because the staff usually has generic figures to trade.

Insider Tip: If you have duplicate minifigures at home, bring those to trade at the park.

Pick Up a Button

You can pick up a free button at Guest Services, located at the entrance of the park. We selected the LEGOLAND First Visit pin. If you are celebrating a birthday at LEGOLAND Florida, be sure to pick up a birthday pin, that is also available there.

Package Pickup

One neat little secret that I discovered, became a life saver while enjoying our visit. If you make any purchases at the gift shop, you can have them leave your package at the front of the park! There is no need to carry those pesky bags all over the park! The only problem that we found with that...we may have shopped a lot more because of this awesome little treat.

What to Expect at LEGOLAND Florida?

LEGOLAND Florida park is broken up into different lands, all with different themes.

Insider Tip: I suggest starting at the back of the park and working your way forward to help avoid the crowds when you first arrive.

Fun Town

The Fun Town land has Grand Carousal. This is where you can find the famous apples fries!

Lego Movie World

Lego Movie World land is where the Lego movies come to life! This was my personal favorite part of the park!


This area of the park is where you can see a mini LEGO USA. This is your chance to travel around the country in only a little amount of time and see all of the iconic cities built with thousands of Legos. Visit the Las Vegas strip, Washington DC, Miami South Beach, Kennedy Space Center, Daytona International Speedway and even New York City. How cool is that?

Insider Tip: A close friend of mine went to LEGOLAND Florida with her family sometime around Thanksgiving and she said they had a lot of Christmas themed events and activities. She said her family had so much fun walking around Miniland and looking at all of the Santas, sleighs, Christmas trees, etc, but the best part was trying to find all of the hidden Elfs on the Shelf. I would love to see the park during such a fun celebration of the holidays. Also, not a lot of people at the park on Black Friday, because everyone else was shopping!

DUPLO Valley

If you have toddlers or preschoolers, this is where you will be spending most of your time. They also have a splash pad for children 18-24 months.

LEGO Kingdom

Step back in time, for some LEGO fun. If you are seeking a thrill filled ride, you can find my son's favorite ride, The Dragon. This ride has a forty inch requirement.

Land of Adventure

Join LEGO Indiana Jones for some LEGO adventures.


In this LEGO city, you can attend driving, boating and flying school. Kids six to thirteen can get their own LEGO Driver's License at the Ford Driving School. Also, this is where you can find the thrilling Flying School Ride. This was one of my personal favorites.

Imagination Zone

This is the place to be when you cannot take the heat and humidity any longer. The air conditioning feels so amazing. Save this zone for the hottest part of the day!

If your kids are tired of Imagination Zone, you can find misters located all over the park. It is a great way to cool down.

LEGO Technic

This part of the park is where you can find the most popular and thrilling ride, The Great LEGO Race! I suggest you hit up this ride when the park first opens.

Insider Tip: 3D virtual reality glasses were not allowed during our visit due to COVID-19. However, per the staff, they are always having problems with the virtual reality glasses. Though, from the sound of it, when they are working and you can use them, it brings this ride to whole other level!

Cypress Garden

This 75 year old Botanical Garden is filled with trees, plants, including wild life. Check out the southern white gazebo with a beautiful southern bell made out of LEGOS.

Heartlake City

This is the area you can find the popular Mia's Riding Adventure. Sadly, my six year old son was not tall enough to ride because you must be 48 inches tall. However, my husband had a fantastic time on Mia's horse. Do not let this ride deceive you because it is definitely thrilling.

Insider Tip: This was the only ride where my son did not meet the height requirement.


My kids were beyond excited to visit this world, since NINJAGO is their favorite LEGO movie.

Once your children leave this world, they will be well trained ninjas, once they complete Kai's Fire Spinners, Cole's Rock Climbing, Jay's Lightning Drill, and the LEGO NINJAGO Ride.

Insider Tip: This area is perfect for parents who need a break from walking. You can just sit and relax will the kids train to become future Ninjas.

Must Eat at LEGOLAND Florida

Apple Fries at Granny's

Is it really worth all of the hype? Heck YEAH! They are amazing! The apples are flash fried then generously sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and topped with perfectly whipped cream. They are located at the front of the park, so make sure to stop and get some. Do NOT leave without trying it, you will definitely be missing out!


We had blast walking though the park and looking for all of the LEGO creations. You will find these beautiful works of art all over the park.

Do not worry about her. She is just finishing up on the latest news briefing about her thoughts on LEGOLAND Florida. Her hands on her hips is dead giveaway.

Best Instagram Photo Spots

The Great Lego Race

Unikitty's Disco Drop

LEGOLAND Florida was way more than I expected. The colors and themes added to our excitement. It was everything I had hoped for and more, for my family. I received the same uplifting and ecstatic feeling from LEGOLAND Florida that I get from going to Disney World. This cheerful theme park needs to be on every parent's bucket-list. You will definitely win the Parents of the Year for this one, I promise!

Now go on and book your family's next trip to LEGOLAND Florida!

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