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Fury Water Adventures in Key West

Updated: Jun 3

Would you like to go parasailing? Jet skiing? Tubing? Snorkeling? Or just play on a floating bouncy house in the ocean? What would you say if I said you can do it all on ONE excursion? Oh, did I forget to mention wine, beer, and food are included?

I have partnered with The Florida Keys & Key West Tourism and Fury Water Adventures for this post. The best part for me, is they had zero restrictions when it came to my blog post. This is my honest opinion, with no constraints. For the record, I pick locations that I want to personally go to.

Fury's Ultimate Adventure H2O

This is an all-inclusive adventure and a full day of action-packed activities. It's your ticket to a day of fun in the sun on a 65 foot Catamaran. The trip starts with music playing, wind in your hair, and a scenic trip out to your designated ocean location. Once you arrive, all the water toys are there to greet you.

What is included:

At Fury's Ultimate Adventure H2O, you have the opprunity to experience: jet skiing, reef snorkling, parasailing, a banana boat ride, and an inflatable water-park, all in one day and for one price. How cool is that? There is no need to have to pick and choose what you want to do during your stay in Key West. This adventure will knock off everything on your bucket-list, so you can spend the rest of your vacation relaxing at the beach. Now for the important question. What is else is included?

Lunch and unlimited refreshments are included with your excursion. Your choice of: Bud Light, Cat 5 Key Lime Lager, Wine (Blush, Chablis & Burgundy), or ulimited soda. Alocolic beverages will not be served until after your jet ski adventure. Hint hint: Try to do the jet ski adventure first, so you can spend the rest of your day enjoying all the wine and beer.

For lunch, they served: turkey & cheddar on Cuban bread, ham & swiss on Cuban bread, veggies & hummus in spinach wrap, fried chicken, pasta salad, Key West cole slaw, and fresh baked cookies. The sandwiches were fresh and the fried chicken was surprisingly good, which is impressive considering we are from the South.

How does the adventure operate?

When you go to check-in the day of your excursion, you are given a ticket which will list your team color. You are broken up into teams by color and each team does a different adventure each hour. You rotate from one adventure to the next adventure with the same team. As I stated above try to get on the team that STARTS on the jet skies.

What about if there are weather issues?

If it is a windy day, then parasailing and snorkeling will be canceled. Check the weather the day of your adventure. You will receive a text message and email stating those activities have been canceled for the day. You can elect to go on the excursion for a discounted price or you can cancel the excursion. This happened during our adventure, but we were fully aware that there were extreme winds all weekend, so we took the discounted rate. It was sad to miss out on parasailing and snorkeling, but no other company was allowing those activities for the day due to the weather.

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