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Epic Waterpark in Dallas, Texas

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Summertime isn’t over at Epic Waterpark. This is Texas' largest indoor waterpark, with year-round, thrilling rides, that will be sure to bring out the kid in you.

Epic Water Park in Dallas Slides

I have partnered with Epic Waterpark for this post. The best part for me, is they had zero restrictions when it came to my blog.

This facility is located in Grand Prairie and it's massive. It's only been open for a year and a half, so the place is in pristine condition and gorgeous to behold.

Epic Waterpark Building

Parking at Epic Waterpark

Parking is FREE! They even have a shuttle that will take you to and from the parking lot to the waterpark.

Tickets for Epic Waterpark

They have annual, summer, and fall season passes along with daily passes. Daily passes sell out fast, so order those online in advance so you do not miss out on the fun. The best part is they do not try to cram as many people as the fire codes allow into the waterpark. They have a select amount of people who they will allow into the park for the day, so that everyone is able to be comfortable and most of all have fun.

Daily Admission Prices

No Residence

Under 48 inches $29

Over 48 inches $34

Non Swimmers $15

Grand Prairie Residence

Under 48 inches $17

Over 48 inches $22

Non Swimmers $15

** 3 years and under are Free**


Also, if you are looking for some fabulous Instagram photos then Epic has you covered. Before you enter the waterpark they have some adorable spots for great photo opportunities.

Epic Waterpark Sign

Epic Waterpark Chair

Attractions at Epic Waterpark

My husband was beyond impressed with the amount of thrilling rides located inside this waterpark. The rides were some of the best that he has ever tried, which is impressive considering how many waterparks we go to each year.

Thrill Rides at Epic

Here are our favorite thrill rides. **The floors can be very slippery so no running**

Lasso Loop

The is the nations tallest indoor Aqualoop. You are put into a tube and the Epic attendant (who has the best job in the world) hits a button and you drop. You drop far enough down and with enough speed, that you are sent up hill in the tubes. This ride was AWSOME. (48 inch requirement)

Lasso Loop at Epic Waterpark

Follow the yellow and orange tube on the very right.

Slides at Epic Waterpark

Yellow Jacket Drop

This ride requires a tube, which are easily accessible at Epic. You are sent on the innertube around a slide, then dropped with enough speed that it sends you high up a wall. This ride is perfect for any scaredy-cats in the family. It gives you enough excitement to cause some slight fear, but not enough fear that would make a scaredy-cat like me cry. (48 inches requirement)

Prairie Plunge

This is the Lasso Loop's competition. After talking with the Epic ride attendant, she mentioned this is her favorite ride out of the two. This ride takes you straight down (red tube) and leaves you with a massive "wedgey". This ride is a blast. (48 inches requirements)

Prairie Plunge slide at Epic Waterpark in Dallas

Waterslides at Epic Waterpark


You race to the bottom on a mat with up to 3 friends like speed racer. I would bring goggles for this ride if you are like me and hate being splashed in the face. It's gets hard to see when you're racing and water is splashing in your face. My husband and son actually love being splashed in the face and it makes the ride exciting for them. (48 inches requirements)

E Racer Slide at Epic Waterpark in Dallas


This is my favorite ride. You can surf the waves or newbies can boogie board. (42 inches required)

This is by far the coolest old man I've ever met. He makes surfing the waves seem so easy. He was so relaxed and cool the entire time.

Pools & Lazy Rivers

Here are some of the calmer attractions.

Rascal's Round Up

This is my kids favorite spot. Every slide has a lifeguard station at the top and you will find several life guards walking around.

Rascal Round Up slide at Epic Waterpark

Kids Waterslide at Epic Waterpark

Rio Grand- Lazy River

This was my kids second favorite spot. The best part is the park is indoors, so you can layout out your tube all day without having to worry about a sunburn

Wave Pool

The wave pool is located outside. We were having so much fun inside that we only spent about 20 minutes in this pool.

Wave Pool at Epic Waterpark

They have plenty of sitting for those who want to soak up the sun while the kids play in the wave pool.

Wave Pool Chairs at Epic Waterpark

The Swimming Hole

This was the spot to be for kids who love to swim. My kids and my husband spent a lot of time in this area.

Swimming Hole at Epic Waterpark

**They even have a spot for handicap kids to enjoy the pool.**

Life Vests

The park has plenty of life vests available for every age group.

Life Vest at Epic Waterpark


We needed some downtime after lunch so we headed to their indoor arcade. All the games are new and in great condition. They have a wide selection and something for everyone.

Arcades at Epic Waterpark in Dallas

Games at Epic Waterpark in Dallas

Here was my kids favorite game. I think we spent most of our money playing this game which uses real water.

Games at Epic Waterpark

They have tons of prizes to select from.

Prizes at Epic Waterpark in Dallas

Cabana Rentals

they sell out fast. We reserved cabana #106 which was in the perfect location by the Swimming Hole. It's right in the middle of everything. The inside cabana comes with a flat screen tv with cable, along with your own personal waiter to serve you.


Monday through Thursday: $150

Friday through Sunday + Holidays: $200

Cabanas at Epic Waterpark in Dallas

We needed some downtime after lunch so we headed to their indoor arcades. All the games are new and in great condition. They have wide selection and something for everyone.

Outside Cabanas at Epic Waterpark in Dallas

The outside is perfect for relaxing while watching the kids in the wave pool.

Cabana view of wave pool at Epic Waterpark


Outside food is not allowed in the park. However, the food inside the park is really good. They have only one area to order food from and the lines get long really fast. I suggest ordering your food by 11:00am, the latest by 11:30am. Buying a combo for everyone in the family can get expensive. I saw a lot of families ordering a 14inch pizza to cut costs. It's large enough to feed my family.

Food Stand at Epic Waterpark

If you rent a Cabana, you get your own menu and you do not have to wait in line!

Food at Epic Waterpark in Dallas

Food Menu at Epic Waterpark in Dallas

Menu at Epic Waterpark in Dallas

The pizza was good and the fries are …. let's just say I couldn't stop eating them.

Pizza at Epic Waterpark in Dallas

The nachos were my favorite.

Nachos at Epic Waterpark in Dallas

My least favorite is the sandwich. They keep the inside of the park hot so you're not freezing when you get out of the water. Well the problem with that is, I personally like my sandwiches really cold and my sandwich came warm with melted cheese. I would stick to the hot food items.

Turkey Sandwich at Epic Waterpark in Dallas

Ice Cream

Of course, after lunch our kids wanted ice cream. They have Dippin Dots. Again, if you rented a cabana you do not have to wait in line because your server will take care of everything. Our favorite was Birthday Cake and Banana Split.

Ice Cream at Epic Waterpark in Dallas


They have a bar! Yes, perfect for any mom who just wants to relax while her children run around the park.

Bar at Epic Waterpark in Dallas

The menu.

Bar Menu at Epic Waterpark in Dallas

Bar Menu at Epic Waterpark in Dallas

My favorite was their special the "Waterslide'. Seriously, it was delicious and strong!

Mixed Drinks Epic Waterpark in Dallas

What to wear and bring.

When at waterparks, I always wear a full piece bathing suit. I have been in so many situations where I've had wardrobe malfunctions after a water ride that I can't let that happen again. I'm no Janet Jackson under these clothes and no one wants to see that malfunction. lol You need to bring your own towels and water coolers are not allowed. Water shoes are not allowed on most rides and are not necessary at the park. We walked around barefooted.

What to wear Epic Waterpark in Dallas

Hotels in Dallas

We have noticed the best prices in Dallas are in Lewisville, Texas. It's a 20 minute drive to Epic Waterpark and you are able to get excellent hotels for under $100 a night. The area is nice and the hotels are beautiful. Here is where we stayed for $83 a night and it sleeps up to 5 people with a sleeper sofa.

SpringHill Suites by Marriott Dallas Lewisville

20 East Vista Ridge Mall Drive, Lewisville, TX 75067

Springhill Suites in Dallas

Room at Springhill Suites in Dallas

**Tickets were provided by Epic Waterpark. All opinions are my own. **

My son favorite YouTuber just went to Epic Waterpark, so I had to add this video for my son.

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