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Celebrating A Wedding Anniversary at Walt Disney World

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Disney World is not just fun for kids! Adults can have a blast too! Here are some things adults can do for fun at Disney Word.

I've heard people say they would feel guilty not taking their kids. I say "The heck with that, I'll just make it an anniversary vacation then"! We work hard on our marriage. We need vacations like this to remind us why we initially got married. We had a lot of fun together before we had kids, and we will have just as much fun together afterwards when the kids grow up and move away.

Celebrating A Wedding Anniversary at Walt Disney World

Disney Travel Agents

We went to Disney World with our favorite Disney travel agents, aka our BFF's.

If you would like them to be your travel agent, then feel free to contact them:

Michael & Jennifer Moreno 832-385-3887 or Jenandmike@wishdrawals.com.

Travel Agents are free! The best part is they take care of everything such as hotel, transportation, reservations at restaurants, fast passes, and more. I personally like to take care of my own vacations, but when it comes to Disney it's important to have an"insider" on your team. How would you like to show up at Disney World, when the castle is under construction or your favorite ride is down? Maybe you are like me and hate crowds and want to go on least crowded day. They can help you with all your questions and needs. It's FREE and they will make you feel like a VIP.

Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Let the fun begin. We left EARLY friday morning for a quick trip to Disney. We had only 2 days to do all 4 parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom! It was going to be hard, but we were up to the challenge!

Flying to Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Bands

Transportation to Disney World Hotels

We took the Disney Magical Express motor coach to the Hotel, which our Travel Agents recommended and took care of. The coach has TVs to entertain the kids that play Disney trivia or Disney movies during the ride. This is when the magic begins.

Transportation to Disney Parks

I love staying on site at Disney, because you never need to rent a car. The shuttles take you from park to park. The shuttles also drop you off at the front of each park. You never have to worry about missing one, because they are always running and it wont be long till the next arrives.

Disney Wrist Bands

These bands come in a month before your trip. You can select your favorite color in advance. Also, check out Pinterest for some awesome Disney wrist band decorating ideas. The bands are your: hotel key, park pass, fast pass, and credit card. When at Disney World these are all you need. You only get the wrist bands if you are staying at the park hotel and they are totally free. If you are not staying at the park, you can still order bands though your travel agent or eBay. It is not a requirement, but you can add your park passes, fast passes, and credit card to your wrist bands as a luxury. If you have a friend who is going to Disney and staying at the park, then ask them to save them for you. You can reuse them. They are probably going to trash them anyways after the trip, or possibly save them as a memento.

Walt Disney World Bands

Hotel at Disney World:

Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside

Royal Guest Room - Standard View

All the hotels have a theme. This hotel has a French Quarters feel, with several large plantation mansions on a river, and Jazz music that plays throughout the hotel. The hotel grounds are clean and beautiful, with Oak and Magnolia Trees. It is one of my favorites. I love the Royal room, because it has an Aladdin theme. The best part about this hotel is it's close to all 4 of the parks .

Port Orleans is considered a moderate (middle level) hotel, but it's just as impressive as their deluxe hotels. There are three Disney hotel levels value, ,moderate, and deluxe. I'm not a huge fan of value hotels, because they seem like cheap motels on the inside. I would stay with a moderate or deluxe hotel, if within budget.

We checked into the hotel but we did not have our bags. Why is that? Our amazing travel agents had the hotel pick up our bags from the airport, then deliver them to our hotel rooms while we were at the parks. It's free!

Because we did not have any bags we were able to hit the ground running. VIP style.

My best friend Jennifer made these adorable #DisneySquad T-shirts. My cute Minnie hat and Mickey leggings were $10 each on Amazon.

Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World

Hopper Passes

Since we were all adults and love thrill rides, we decided to have hopper passes so we can jump around all 4 parks. We had our fast passes scheduled for all the big kid rides at all 3 parks. I said 3 because there isn't many thrill rides in Magic Kingdom.

My husband favorite park Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios

Disney World App

Make sure you have the Disney World App on your phone so you have access to ride wait times, and you can set up your next fast pass. Once you use your first two fast passes, then you can keep using one fast pass at time. Once you are at the ride and scan in then it will open up your next fast pass opportunity. **IMPORTANT** If you can not find the ride you want, then keep refreshing your Disney World Phone App until the ride you want is available. Fast pass opportunities are literally refreshing every second. We never stood in line for any rides. We used fast passes all day.

Below is the Disney App. Also, you can use this App to find characters locations and their wait time.

Chase Disney Visa

If you have a Chase Disney Credit Card, then you are able to meet Mickey backstage! No lines and no sharing! Mickey is all yours! Most people do not even know about this. Of course, our travel agents had a Disney card, so we had some personal one on one time with Mickey and Goofy. I felt like I was meeting a celebrity.

Picture with Mickey Mouse

Picture with Goofey

Drink around the World at Epcot

That evening, we headed to Epcot to drink around the world. You can experience the culture, drinks, shopping, and dining in: Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Japan, the United States, Italy, Germany, China, Norway and Mexico .

FYI, You can drink at all 3 parks except Magic Kingdom.

Epcot at Walt Disney World

We had drinks in China and Germany.

Drinks at Epcot

Epcot at Disney World

We had dinner in France at a cute restaurant called Chefs de France, then I passed out in Mexico from exhaustion. Park hopping is exhausting! It was the perfect country in Epcot Center to pass out in, because Jennifer and Michael (our Disney travel agents) decided to hit the dance floor. Growing up in Texas everyone knows how to dance to Mexican Music. It's a right of passage. After 10 minutes of rest, I hit the dance floor too.

Walt Disney World

If you love food, then you will love Disney. All the restaurants are amazing. My travel agents say some of their clients book trips to Disney just to eat the food. Wow!

The next day, we spent most of our day in Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Anniversary Pin

When you enter Magic Kingdom, if it's your anniversary you can request free "Happily Ever After" pins. See above picture and below.

Photo Pass at Disney World

We had a blast being a kid again. If you like all of our pictures and videos, then add Photo Pass to your package. If you order 3 days in advance it only costs $169 for the entire trip, but for the day of the cost is $200. If you decide on the Photo Pass, then leave that camera in the bag, because Disney has staff all around you to take pictures and videos. After they take your picture just have them scan your wrist band. At the end of the day you can view everything online.

Lunch at Pecos in Magic Kingdom

Our favorite quick service meal is at Pecos Bill's in the Magic Kingdom. You can get yummy Mexican food for fast food prices. I'm not a huge fan of fried chicken fingers or hamburgers, so this is the place to go to avoid that.

Bar at Grand Floridian Hotel

Our friends, aka Travel Agents, told us about the amazing drinks at the Grand Floridian Hotel. The drinks are yummy and strong! You can relax by the gator filled water while you sip. What I love about Disney is the drinks are always strong, so you're not wasting money.

Insider information: If you are staying at the park, you can hang out at any Disney hotel bars. This shirt Jennifer made me says it all "I'm done adulting, let's go to Disney".

"Be Our Guest" Anniversary Dinner

Our last night we had our anniversary dinner at my favorite restaurant, "Be Our Guest". It's located right inside an enchanted Beauty and Beast castle taken right out of the movie. It requires a reservation months in advance. It's extremely expensive, just like all the sit down character restaurants at Disney. The menu is French inspired. You should try to do at least one sit down character dinner during your stay.

One thing I can promise is time flies at Disney and you will never say I'm ready to go home.

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