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Boston, Massachusetts- Adult Getaway

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Where to Stay, Where to go, and What to Eat

Let me start with saying, I did not have Boston on my bucket list of places to go. My list is LONG, and Boston was no where to be found on that list. After seeing Boston, I have to say it should be on everyone's bucket list. This place is one of the oldest cities in the US, and it's a crucial part of our American history. We live in the greatest country in the world, and this city is where most of it started. Remember the Boston Tea Party and "no taxation without representation"? Boston started the path to our nations independence so we don't have to pay taxes to the Queen next April.

Boston, Massachusetts- Adult Getaway

Just a heads up. In case you see a brunette in a lot of my pictures... I'm not stalking her, it's my teenage daughter and, I had the honor of spending my trip to Boston with her before she leaves me to go to college this August. Of course, she will not pose in any of my pictures, because she is too cool for that. lol teenagers.

Streets of Boston


The airport to Boston is the Boston Logan International Airport.

Boston Airport


There are several ways to get to your hotel. We took a taxi for $23, because we landed late at night . You can take Uber for those of you who love Uber. I had my teenager with me, who watches the news too much and refuses to get in an Uber. (Super Annoying) However, One of the best things this city offers is FREE city buses that take you from the airport to downtown. They have several buses that run all day long.

You will see this sign when leaving the airport. I was a little nervous that I would be seeing store's selling weed on every corner or seeing everyone walking around stoned. Nope, I never saw a store that sold weed, and I only had one taxi driver smoking while driving, which is probably illegal anyways. If you enjoy these activities, then you need to get the map that shows you where these stores are. They are not easy to find.

Weed is legal in Boston

Where to stay:

We stayed at The Westin Copley Place hotel located downtown. This hotel is luxury all the way. I was there for the travel bloggers conference Travecon 2019 so I received a discounted room. Yay! If you have the extra money to spend, then this place is the spot to stay. Check out Trip Advisors and see if you can score a good deal on a room at the Westin.

Westin in Boston

I love Westin hotels because they seem to always have amazing views. This was our view of Boston from our room on the 17th floor. Best part is, you do not have to pay extra for a view. The higher up the room the better the view. You can ask the lady at check in what floor you desire. We asked for a room on the lowest level and we got the 17th floor. I'm afraid of heights so I was little disappointed. I guess it's better than the 33rd floor lol. However, the view was totally worth getting over my fears.

View from Westin Hotel

Merriott charges $15.95 a day for Internet or you can sign up for their Meriott Rewards and receive free internet. The rewards program is not a credit card, it's more like a CVS card. You can sign up for the rewards program while you are checking in. Only one person needs to be part of the program for everyone in the room to get internet. You can sign up here https://www.marriott.com/loyalty/createAccount/createAccountPage1.mi

Here is what the hotel room looks like:

They provide FREE Starbucks coffee, and a coffee maker in the room, along with a fridge.

My only complaint is they do not have microwaves in their rooms. It's annoying when hotels do not have microwaves, because our family loves to heat up leftovers. Also, if you order room service they add an additional $7 fee! Yuck!

Where to go:

Bring comfortable walking shoes, otherwise be prepared to spend $$$$ on taxi services. This city is massive and reminds me of a little New York. Just like New York, we loved heading to places on foot, because the buildings and scenery are breathtaking. Also, bring a jacket, it gets COLD at night.

**Bring cash. It is easy to hand the taxi driver cash and jump out. Waiting for the invoice to be created by the driver, then for the credit card to process takes a lot of time. You will waste a lot of time if you bring only a card. Also, a lot of restaurants are cash only and they do not tell you before ordering.**

Need cash in Boston

Boston Public Library- Free

The Boston Public Library is across the street from the Westin hotel, and it's FREE. I was debating on going to the library because I was thinking it may be boring. After seeing the library, it's now one of my favorite spots in Boston. Their are three floors of beautiful paintings and architecture. It is stunning!! A must see!

Boston Public Library

Make sure you check out the Gardens inside the Public Library.

Gardens of Boston Public Library

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

This place was created based on one women's vision. The artwork, the gardens, the furniture, the architecture, it is just breathtaking. You can enjoy an audio guided tour for $5, or access it free on your own mobile device via gardnermuseum.org/audioguide. You can also do guided tours that take place nearly every day. Stop by the admission desk for times and locations.

It is open daily from 11 am to 5 pm, Thursdays until 9 pm, and closed on Tuesdays.

Adult- $15 & Student-$10

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museums- No Taxation without Representation

We all learned about the Boston Tea Party in elementary school. This I believe is where my rebellious side started. I like to blame others for my issues lol. I learned you do not have to sit back and accept what is going on, but you can stand up and make a difference for change. These men and women risked their lives and their families lives standing up to England. We could still be paying taxes to England right now if it wasn't for these great men/women. I never thought I would have a chance to experience or see where the Boston tea party happened. It was a dream come true.

Price- $29.99 a person (If you take the Boston Trolly then you get $7.00 off a person). If I was you, I would search for discounts before going.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museums

It starts with an adorable reenactment that gets you in the mood!

You get a card that tells you what character you're playing.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museums

Afterwards, you get to tour the ship while the actors entertain you.

Then, you get to throw the tea overboard which is the best part!

Afterwards, we had iced tea in the same spot where iced tea was created when it was thrown into the ocean, Abigail's Tea Room. It has really good tea. If you are from the south, be prepared, sweet tea does not exist in Boston lol.

Uss Constitution Boston- Free

This ship is beautiful and worth a stop! Make sure you have your ID with you, otherwise you can't enter. Your bag will be scanned by security too. This ship is massive and was launched in 1797!

Uss Constitution Boston

Quincy Market - Free to enter

Quincy Market

Quincy Market

If you love shopping and food this place is for you. This place is perfect for a family of picky eaters. There is something for everyone.

Quincy Market

We had a fantastic time spending the day walking around shopping.

***If you are looking for a taxi, they are parked by the Sephora store***

Quincy Market

Boston Public Gardens- Free

It's in the heart of Boston and...… that is where you will find the famous swans. Spend a few hours walking around this beautiful park. Do not forget to find the famous Duckling Statues which we forgot to look for. Sadly, we missed out on seeing them. I'm still upset about that. The park is huge and it's hard to see everything. They even have a frog pond area next door for little kids, that is equal to a large type of splashpad.

Boston Public Gardens

It's only $4 a person to take a ride on the swan boats.

swan boats Boston Public Gardens

How did I get around for most of my sight seeing? The Old Town Trolly Tour.

You are able to hop on and off at over 14 stops. Go online to their website to buy your tickets. It's way cheaper that way. Second day tickets are half off, too. This is the easiest and cheapest way to tour the city.

Boston Trolly

Where to Eat

Boston Burger Company

Boston Burger Company

The hamburgers are good. We split the 420 burger, topped with: mozzarella sticks, fried mac & cheese, onion rings, fries, bacon, golden BBQ sauce, and American cheese. Served with homemade potato chips

Boston Burger Company

Nacho Fries- Yes, they are good!

Boston Burger Company

The #1 reason to go...….milkshakes. I'm still dreaming about this milkshake. It's damn good. They have a large selection.

Boston Burger Company

Cheer's - (This is a stop on the Trolly Tour)

This show was a childhood memory for me. I remember watching this with my parents in elementary school. I kept taking pictures and bragging to my parents the entire time I was at Cheers. I couldn't help it, I was so excited, and since they are such amazing parents, they were beyond excited I was able to experience this bar in real life.

Cheer's in Boston

You should come for the experience not the food. This place gets crowded fast so come early or expect a wait. You can even purchase the mug below.

Giacomo’s- Italian food (Cash Only)

This restaurant was amazing!! It opens at 5:00 p.m. and is on a wait by 5:10 p.m. Once you try this place you will understand. This place does NOT have dessert oddly enough, so be prepared.

Giacomo’s in Boston

Giacomo’s in Boston

Giacomo’s in Boston

I'm upset that we ran out of time to check out the following places.

1) Mike's Pastries- Supposedly the best cannoli's in town.

2) Omni Parker House Hotel- This is where the original Boston Cream Pie was created.

3) Freedom Trail- I missed out on exploring and enjoying the famous freedom trail.

A perfect way to end my Boston trip, by meeting the Blonde Abroad blogger. Yes, I'm a huge fan!

Blonde Abroad

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