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Athens, Greece

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

In the heart of Athens lies the most spectacular treasure trove of human history. This should definitely be the #1 spot on your travel destination, bucket list.

Athens Greece

Where to Stay in Athens


Hotel Grande Bretagne

This is a luxury hotel located in the heart of Athens and across the street from Parliament. It puts you just few steps from all the major ancient Greek sites.

Hotel Grande Bretagne

We used our Chase Sapphire credit card points to stay at this pricy hotel.

Hotel Grande Bretagne

Hotel Grande Bretagne


My best friend stayed in this adorable condo in downtown Athens for 3 nights at $300.

Transportation From Airport to Hotel

To take a taxi to the airport and back is a flat rate of $38 Euros. Bring cash because most of the taxi drivers do not accept credit cards. You will notice that most taxis are not the typical NYC fords that Americans are used to, but a fancier Mercedes-Benz style. I need to buy a Mercedes-Benz in Europe, because they must get unbelievable deals. lol

Cab in Greece

We did everything on foot and only took a taxi from the airport and back. Also, they drive on the right side of the road just like they do in America, so that's a plus.


Our hotel was across the street from Parliament. If you are there on a Sunday, you can also watch changing of the guards.

Parliment in Greece

Across the street from Parliament seemed to be a popular hang out spot in the evening time with the locals in front of the waterfall. People will hang out on the stairs while local musicians play music.

Water fountain in Athens


We started off everyday with yummy street bread. I would say it's equal to an American bagel.

2 for $1 Euro

Bread in Athens

Shopping at the Monastiraki Flea Market

*** Do not let anyone put a bracelet on your wrist even if they say it's free. They will try to make you buy it once you accept the bracelet. Nothing is free in life. My husband found out the hard way. He is just too damn nice. We are now proud owners of a "Jamaican" bracelet ***

We headed on foot to the local flea market in Greece. This is where you can find the best souvenirs for the best prices. Negotiate Negotiate Negotiate!

Monastiraki Flea Market in Athens

T-shirts for $5 Euros is the standard price.

Monastiraki Flea Market in Athens

These head bands can go for $5 Euros to $1.50 Euros. Keep searching until you find them for $1.50 deep within the market.

Monastiraki Flea Market in Athens

Monastiraki Flea Market in Athens

Looking for an Instagram spot? Visit Little Kook

Monastiraki Flea Market in Athens

It's always fun to run into your best friend at the flea market.

Monastiraki Flea Market in Athens

In the main area there is 4 story toy store!

Toy Store in Athens

An entire floor is dedicated to boys

Toy Store in Athens

An entire floor is dedicated to girls.

Toy Store in Athens

On the outside of the flea market they have typical stores we have in America. I'm sad to say, but the prices seem to be equal to American prices.

H&M in Athens

NYX in Athens

Mitropolis Athens Cathedral (Free)

Across the street is the most beautiful church. A lot of the churches in Athens do not allow pictures, but this church will let you take as many as you want. It's absolutely breathtaking.

Mitropolis Athens Cathedral

Mitropolis Athens Cathedral

Mitropolis Athens Cathedral

Hadrian's Library - (included in combo ticket)

This famous library was built in 132 AD by the Roman emperor Hadrian and was named after him. This is located just a few steps from the flea market and shopping area.

This is where we bought the combination tickets for $30 euros, which includes a majority of the ancient sites in Athens for up to 5 days. You are only allowed into each ancient site one time. It's the perfect package for all your site seeing needs.

Hadrian's Library

Hadrins Library

Savvas -Gyros

Only a few steps from our hotel, this restaurant is on point. We asked around Athens and this place was hands down everyone's favorite. After sharing a meal for two that could feed an army, I would have to say it's my favorite spot in Athens. The only important thing missing from this picture was the pita bread that you eat with the meat. Delish.

Savvas-Gyros in Athens

You can even buy a bottle of Zoinos at the restaurant for $7 Euros. Let's just say we were feeling really good when we left. This bottle goes for about $7 Euros in the flea market.

Savvas-Gyros in Athens

Acropolis of Athens- (included in combo ticket)

This is the most famous ancient site in Athens. It contains several ancient buildings located above the city. It requires a bit of hiking to reach the summit, but is totally worth the trek. Once you reach the top, you get to see a breath taking view of the entire city and a couple of the most beautiful temples Greece has to offer.

Acropolis of Athens

The sight is massive and teams are working day and night to restore it to it's former beauty.

Mars Hill/Areopagus- (included in combo ticket)

Located on the northwestern side of the Acropolis, a few yards from the entrance, lies this relic in history. This is where Paul the Apostle shared the good news to the Jews and Gentiles, that Jesus Christ was resurrected. He saw a city that was "given over to false idols" and taught them about an unknown God that loved them and sent His Son to save and redeem them to Himself. This hill is important to Christians, because many people heard the gospel and were saved on this hill. Acts 17:16-33.

Acts 17:19 Acts 19:20 Acts 17:22-33

Mars Hill

Roman Agora (Market)- (included in combo ticket)

Ancient Roman market place where St. Paul spoke about the gospel.

Roman Agura

Ancient Agora- (included in combo ticket)

This was the hub in Greek culture, the social, political and commercial "meeting place" of the day. There is temples to the various Greek gods surround Agora.

We loved seeing all the cute turtles hanging out around the ancient sites.

Ancient Agora

Temple of Hephaestus @ Ancient Agora (included in combo ticket)

This temple is in excellent condition. It is one of my favorites, because no imagination is needed. You can get a feel of what it was like to live during Roman times.

Temple of Hephaestus

Church @ Ancient Agora- (included in combo ticket)

The church is absolutely beautiful and worth a few minutes of your time.

church in athens

Museum Ancient Agora @ Ancient Agora (included in combo ticket)

This museum is a classic Greek building that has been restored. It's absolutely breathtaking. This museum is loaded with ancient artifacts.

Museum Ancient Agora

Museum Ancient Agora

Museum Ancient Agora

Acropolis Museum- $12 Euros

This is a massive museum and 100% worth the money. I suggest you go to the museum before going to the ancient sites. Everything will make more sense if you go here first. We went on a rainy day because we wanted an indoor activity.

**The line was over 2 hour long. We decided to go online to order our tickets and we were able to skip the line. **

Acropolis Museum

Acropolis Museum

Lunch at the Acropolis Museum

We had lunch at the Museum to escape the rain. We were able to enjoy an amazing view of the Acropolis.

Lunch at Acropolis Museum

We enjoyed a greek sandwich and bread.

Lunch at Acropolis Museum

I was finally able to try a Greek Cappuccino. I always see the Greeks drinking this coffee, and I was so excited to get to try it. I 100% loved it.

Coffee at Acropolis Museum

Do not forget your tickets give you access to under the museum, where you will see ancient houses. You have to exit the museum to get to this area.

Acropolis Museum

Temple of Olympian Zeus- (included in combo ticket)

Make sure you take one of these popular Instagram pictures.

Temple of Zues

Arch of Hadrian- Free

Arch of Hadrian

Panathenaic Stadium- $10 Euros

Panathen Stadium

Once inside you can become an Olympic Champion

Panathen Stadium

or you can become royalty.

Panathen Stadium

Metropoleos 3

Itching for Greek food with a twist. This is the place for you. We asked around and locals love their gyros.

National Gardens & Zappeio-Free

The National Gardens has an amazing playground for kids.

National Gardens in Athens

A small zoo.

National Gardens in Athens

National Gardens in Athens

Eat lunch at this adorable cafe in the gardens.

Cafe at the National Gardens in Athens

And a payphone which is perfect for Instagram pictures.

Payphone in Athens

My top 2 things to try in Greece.

#1- Greek Coffee

Greek Coffee

#2- Moussaka -Greek Casserole

Moussauka in Greece

I hope you enjoyed my blog and I hope I gave you at least a few ideas that will help you on your next vacation to Athens. Ya mas!

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