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A Guide to Xenotes Water Tours by Xcaret

Does rappelling, kayaking, swimming, zip-lining and cliff diving into a cenote sound fun? What about a jungle picnic? If so, this all inclusive excursion was designed especially for you. This is your chance to spend an entire day, deep in the River Maya jungles at Xenotes.

Goodbye beach...the jungle is the new place to be!

COVID-19 Warning: Masks are required on the transportation bus and when entering the cenotes. However, a mask is not required during the actual excursion. For your safety, your temperature will be taken before entering the bus and your shoes will be sanitized.

About Xenotes

This area of Mexico is known for its beaches, along with some of the world's best hidden cenotes. What is a cenote? It is a natural fresh water filled sinkhole in limestone found especially in the Mexico.

On this "all inclusive" tour, you will visit four types of cenotes located in the Mayan Jungle. While at the cenotes, you will get a chance to rappel, zip-line, cliff dive, water slide, swim and kayak.

Insider Tip: The average temperature of a cenote is 75 degrees.

Park Information

You must buy tickets in advance.


Adults Online


Adults In person


Children Online (6 - 11 years old) 50% off


Children In person


Click here for tickets.

Age requirement is 6 years old.

Xenotes Tour is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The tour lasts about nine hours, including transfers. Pick up and drop off times vary, depending on your hotel.

Insider Tip: This excursion is free if you are staying at the Hotel Xcaret. Reservations are required in advance . Please click here for more information about the hotel.

Where is Xenotes

Riviera Maya, Mexico


Transportation pick up is 8am to 10am, depending on the location of your hotel. If you are staying at Hotel Xcaret, the park will provide you with transportation. Everyone is assigned a bus and a guide. You will be with the same guide and group of ten people for the entire excursion. A mask is required on the bus at all times. A photographer will be assigned to your group and he will act as your very own hidden personal paparazzi. Bring your credit card because you will want to buy these pictures!

Insider Tip: Bring Tip money for your guide. It will be a tip well deserved. These guys go all out to make sure you have an amazing time.


Once you are at your destination, you will be given a bag which will hold all your items including your mask. No need to bring towels because they will be provided to you during the excursion.

You are required to take a shower before entering the cenotes, to make sure that your skin is free from perfumes, creams and chemicals, which can be harmful to the environment. No sunscreen or insect repellent is allowed.

At this time, everyone will be given Mexican pastries for breakfast along with a non-alcoholic drink. Yum! Keep those water bottles at your hotel. Water is included on this excursion.

Welcome to the Jungle

This tour is in the Mayan jungle. Bring water shoes & cover ups for when you are on the bus going from cenotes to cenotes. There are four cenotes on this tour and each requires a bus ride to get to the next one.


Here all the activities that are included on this excursion.

#1 Tierra Lu'um Cenote - Rappel into a Cavern

This is when the fun starts. We started our morning rappelling into a Mayan cavern which are some of the youngest cenotes used by the Mayans for ceremonies. The only way to access this underground treasure is by rappelling. This activity is for people looking for an adventure in nature.

You can rappel the boring way like me.

Or you can be adventurous and do it upside down like my husband.

Insider Tip: All of the pictures with logos on the top were taken by the photographer.

Once everyone is in the cavern, you are permitted to swim and jump off the rocks.

This is your chance to jump straight into crystal clear blue water.

Insider Tip: Life jackets are provided on this tour. A life vest is required during all of your activities.

#2 Li-'K Cenote - Zip-lining and Cliff Diving

This is your chance to be a kid and zip line until your heart is content. This is an open cenote and one of the oldest. When you splash into the water, this is your opportunity to enjoy the underwater garden before hopping back on the zip-line to do it all over again. It never gets old.

There are several ways you can zip-line into the refreshing cenotes.


And...of course, you can jump! Why not, you are on vacation?

After you have completed a few activities, it's time for lunch. Yes, this lunch is included with your tour. You are able to build your own dream sandwich, which will go perfect with your authentic Mexican soup. Delish!

#3 Cenote - Swimming & Kayaking

In order to kayak, you must swim though the cave into a hidden cenote. The water is several shades of blue-green and I like to use the word "refreshing" when talking about cenotes. Hint hint! However, the colors of the cenotes is absolutely breathtaking and totally worth it. You are given snorkel gear during this activity, so you can take in the crystal clear waters.

Next, you get to kayak the cenote through highwalls covered in nature.

#4 Ancient Cenote - Waterslides, Zip-lines and Cliff Diving in Cenote

This is your chance to do it all. Play hard and relax in the middle of nature. You can't get anything better then this! This cenote was an important source of water for the Mayan Indians. The Mayans believed cenotes were the entrance to the underground world. Now, it's the entrance to our all natural playground.

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