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A Guide to Nobu Hotel Los Cabos - A Relaxing Girls Trip

Do you want quiet place to relax by the pool and beach with your friend or significant other? A place where all you can hear are the drinks flowing, the bird chirping and the waves crashing into the golden sand beach? Here is your opportunity to escape the crowds and have some much needed "me time". There is no pressure to socialize and get to know the other hotel guests. This is not a place where the "happy go lucky" tourists flock too. This is the kind of location where people go to withdraw from the world. This is where you go to escape from your problems. When you get here...the only problem you will have, is trying to figuring out what your next drink will be. There is a reason why the celebrities come here to escape from the paparazzi and fans. Yes...you may run into someone famous!

I have partnered with Nobu Hotel for this post. The best part for me, is they had zero restrictions when it came to my blog post. This is my honest opinion, with no constraints. For the record, I pick locations that I want to personally go too.

My best friend and I came to this hotel to escape from our everyday life. After several months of quarantine with kids, it was time for these mommies to hightail it to the nearest paradise. All we wanted to do on this trip, was take a breather from the family and chill out a bit. It was a fantastic way for us to recharge our extremely drained mommy batteries. We came back from this vacation ready to take on the world and our little kiddos again.

Insider Tip: Yes, we have matching outfits and this was not done on purpose. This seems to happen with us, A LOT!

COVID-19 Warning: There is no COVID test requirement or quarantine upon arrival to Mexico. However, masks are required in the lobby and when entering a restaurant.

A COVID-19 questionnaire must be filled out upon arrival to the hotel.


This hotel sits on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula in Los Cabos, which means it is a long taxi ride from the airport. Expect to pay around $95 USD, one way for a taxi.

Nobu Hotel Room

We stayed in the "deluxe swim-up" room with double beds. This room has an indoor - outdoor living space, along with a massive sliding glass door, that opens up to the swimming pool. You will notice by the pictures, this hotel has a Japanese minimalist feel to it. That is because the concept came from the Japanese celebrity chef and restauranteur, Nobu Matsuhisa, actor Robert De Niro and Meir Teper. This crew teamed up to bring us this perfect oasis getaway. Goodbye problems and hello to the good life!

Did you see this massive tub in the video?

If this tub does not make you feel super fancy, maybe this will....green tea pastries. Once you enter the hotel room, you are greeted with a green tea dessert with a lovely thank you note. Did you know, drinking green tea can help with your stress and anxiety levels? These Mexican pastries are a great start to a much needed, relaxing vacation.

We delighted in having breakfast outside, every morning. We were able to take in and enjoy the pool and views of the beautiful garden.

The food is on the healthy side, which makes you feel like you are at a gorgeous and luxurious celebrity health retreat. I usually gain ten pounds when I go on a trip, but not on this vacation! You will not find many high calorie tourist food at this hotel. You typically will have more choices like these delicious green tea waffles with a side of whole wheat bread instead.

The room comes with some delicious coffee and tea, bottled water and an espresso machine.

Also, each room comes with these fabulous beach bags, that you are able to use during your stay. If you love it, like I did, you can go and purchase the bag from the gift shop for $40 USD, which is totally worth it.

Nobu Pools

This is where we spent the majority of our time because it was easy access to refills. There is something to be said about a hotel that allows you swim up to your room. This is the life!

Insider Tip: We were able to save some money by purchasing our liquor in advance at the local stores. The best part was that our room was only a hop and a skip away, so it was easy to refill our drinks.

Nadia, hurry...I need a refill!

There are four pools located at the resort...Pacific Pool, Cortez Pool, Infinity Pool, Sunset Pool (Adults Only) and Cortez Swim-up bar pool.

Pool Schedule: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

At the various pools, you will find several free cabanas to choose from during your stay. They do not require a reservation FSFS. However, there are a few private cabanas that cost $400 USD a day and require a reservation. Of course, with our budget, we selected to chill at one of the free cabanas. At these cabanas, all you need to do is sit back and relax, while the amazing and attentive servers do all of the hard work by providing a constant flow of drinks.

If you are looking to cool down during the day, there are free tea stations, located all around the resort. The tea was very refreshing!


On this side of Mexico, the water is cold and rough. You will not see people swimming in the water. There may be a few people with their feet in the water, but that's as far as most will go. No swimming means less people on the beach. I personally, am not bothered by this because I love having the beach all to myself. We spent countless hours there, soaking up the rays and watching the sunsets. You never have to worry about crowded beaches at this location.

During the day, we were beyond blessed, to encounter a beautiful wedding proposal on the beach.

Insider Tip: If you are thinking about proposing to that special person in your life, I would contact this hotel. How romantic! We were both tearing up. Who wouldn't want to be proposed to on the beach at a luxury hotel?

Hotel Food

Pacific Restaurant

Reservations are suggested

Closed on Sundays

This is an a la carte restaurant, located outside, by the pool. The food is everything you would expect from an award winning chef, who focuses more on the natural flavors of the meat. I would rate this as a 10 out of 10, based on it's beauty alone.

Nobu Restaurant

Reservations are required

Closed on Tuesdays

Dinner: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

If you want to try some world-famous and authentic Japanese cuisine by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, then this is the place for you. The dress code consists of polo shirts, casual shorts, slacks, jeans, sundresses or skirts. Bathing suits and sportswear are not permitted.

For $85 USD a person, we were able to sample all of these delicious, fresh dishes.

Insider Tip: Cabo seems to be a bee heaven, which gives me hope because they are becoming extinct. However, keep that mind, when sitting outside. They will swarm you when your food starts to arrive. If you are allergic, I suggest you sit inside. Also, you can ask for a table fan, which will help keep those hungry critters away.

There may or may not have been, some famous people eating at this restaurant in January of 2020.

Room Service

If you are thinking about staying in for the night and want to order room service, then you will not be disappointed. The hamburger was delish and the pizza was just as yummy. There is no need to dine at fine restaurants every night, when room service is just as good. Yummy!

Shopping at Plaza Mi Pueblito

You can take a taxi to Plaza Mi Pueblito Shopping Center, where you will find local souvenirs. The selection is massive, so even your pickiest family and friends will be pleased. Keep in mind, when dealing with local stores negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.

Taco Guss

I suggest stopping to eat at Taco Guss. If you LOVE Mexican food, then you will love this authentic local spot, near the shopping plaza. This is your chance to eat like a local and the big bonus here...your wallet will thank you.

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