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A Guide to LEGOLAND Hotels in Florida

Staying at a LEGOLAND hotel, is vacation, all in itself! These hotels have everything you need to keep your kids excited and entertained. I believe this could be one of the coolest hotels that your kids will ever stay at. Are you saying to yourself, as your reading this, "Well my kids aren't huge LEGO fans"? Do not worry, your kids do not even have to like LEGOS to have a blast at this hotel. Trust me, this place will have any kid begging to go back, maybe even inspire them to become future LEGO fanatics. That could be dangerous to your pocket book, considering LEGOS are not cheap. Whoops!

COVID-19 Warning: LEGOLAND Florida is operating at a 50% occupancy, at this time. Masks are not required. Before entering the park, your temperatures will be checked.

This guide leans more towards the brand new Pirate Theme Hotel, but has useful information regarding the LEGOLAND Hotel that is attached.

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This theme park is for children from the ages of two to twelve, but I think it still offers so much fun for kids and grown-ups of all ages.

A Little Mom Disclaimer - If you are noticing my daughter's bangs, which I don't know how you can miss them...they are little on the shorter side. Her father took her to the hair dresser before this trip. I think that should clear up any questions. Enough said...deep sigh...let us move on.

What You Need to Know About LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

Best Time to Visit?

The park seemed to be like a ghost town during the school day, when we were there, probably due to the COVID-19 situation and the 50% occupancy recommendation, at the time.


Orlando International Airport

LEGOLAND Florida is not located in Orlando. It is located about 45 minutes outside of Orlando, in a town called Winter Haven.


LEGOLAND Florida hotels do not offer transportation to and from the airport. We caught an Uber for about $75.00 one way.


LEGOLAND Florida offers free parking for hotel guest.

LEGOLAND Florida Hotels

You can buy ticket and hotel combo tickets online. Do not worry about lines because there is a fast track line for hotel guest.

We received free, two day combo tickets (park and water park), per person with our LEGOLAND Florida hotel stay. Make sure you check out the hotel prices. It may be less expensive to stay at the hotel and then just go to the park from there.

Insider Tip: The walls, doors, carpet and ceiling all stick to the LEGO theme.

There are currently three LEGOLAND hotels, by the park, here in Florida.


Pirates Island Hotel

LEGOLAND Beach Retreat

Pirate Island Hotel is connected to the LEGOLAND Hotel and share accommodations.

Insider Tip: LEGOLAND Florida Hotel and Pirates Island Hotel are within walking distance to LEGOLAND Florida, 130 kid steps away from the park. LEGOLAND Beach Retreat is a little further, but offers a free shuttle to the park.

What to expect at LEGOLAND Hotel and Pirate Theme Hotel

The hotel spares no expense when it comes LEGO decor. Once you enter, you feel as if you stepped into a LEGO world.

Insider Tip: Internet is free in the hotel and park, if you have a hotel room.

While checking-in, your kids are encouraged to play in the LEGOS play pit, plus they can add LEGOS to the LEGO wall.

Insider Tip: LEGOLAND Florida does fantastic job of having play areas located in spots where your kids can easily get bored such as the lobby and at the restaurants.

Also, in the lobby, you will find the LEGO Castle and Pirate Ship Play area. This is where you could find my family during our down time. We spent countless hours in this area.

Insider Tip: This is the perfect spot to hang out when the crazy Florida rain sweeps though for a few hours. Also, there is a bar conveniently located next to this play area. Thank you LEGOLAND Florida! You can order Mocktails (alcohol free) for the kids too.

Party Elevator

Riding up and down the elevator is exciting. Once you are on the elevator, a disco ball starts spinning while music plays. It's a party on an elevator. The songs are catchy, so you may find yourself singing and dancing to it as you exit the elevator.

Insider Tip: Currently, they are only allowing one family or group, on the elevator, at a time, due to COVID-19.

Hotel Rooms

We stayed at the brand new Pirate Theme section. This section of the hotel is immersed in pirate decor, which will have you vacationing like a pirate. Aye Aye Matey!

Insider Tip: The rooms are extremely spacious!

The bunk beds, for the kids, are located in a separate section, therefore, it gives the parents some much needed privacy.

Insider Tip: The bunk bed sleeps three. There is a pull out trundle bed under the bottom bunk.

The kid section has their own TV with plenty of kid friendly channels. Thank you LEGOLAND Florida! I finally got to watch something that I wanted while on vacation. They even have LEGO activity center for the kids!


If you let the hotel know that it's your kids first trip to LEGOLAND or it's their birthday, you will find these adorable, free pins, waiting in your room for them.

Treasure Chest

Upon arrival, you find a treasure hunt sheet, which will help you crack the code to the treasure chest. This is where the fun starts as you look around the room for the answers.

Insider Tip: I would keep this a secret because it's a fun surprise for the kids.

Once you have completed the questions, it will give you the code to the Treasure Chest. Your kids will scream with excitement once they see the goodies!

Inside they will find LEGOS, eye patches, water, juice boxes and a LEGO book. How cool is that?

Daily Gifts

Every day, your kids will get a cool, new surprise from the hotel. My kids were restless to get back to their room after a day at the park.

Insider Tip: There is no reason to buy souvenirs. Your kids will leave with bags of LEGOS. Win Win! Of course, I still felt the need to bring home a souvenir to my college student.

LEGO Master Builder Classes

The hotel offers FREE LEGO building class daily. You need to register your kids in advance for the classes, in case they fill up. Yes, the kids get to keep their LEGO creations. There is a board in the lobby that lists the the classes & what they will be building each day.

Insider Tip: There is a board in the lobby which shows what the class will be building on each day.

Hotel Food

Breakfast is FREE and it is darn yummy! You can choose to eat at the breakfast buffet in the LEGOLAND section or have a sit down breakfast at the Shipwreck Restaurant on the Pirates side. Reservations are required at this restaurant.

Insider Tip: Breakfast buffet is closed at this time due to COVID-19.

Shipwreck Restaurant gives you a bowl of breakfast items to split with your family. It is unlimited, so if you if and when you want more, you can just ask.

Insider Tip: My favorite was the biscuit with sausage gravy on top. Yummy goodness...

Insider Tip: The restaurant gives you these adorable bandannas to wear.

Dinner at Shipwreck

Reservations are required. This is a family style dinner, where you choose one platter for the family. You will get some amazing bread, salad, dinner and dessert. The food is delicious!

Is your mouth watering? Don't you lie! It should be!

You receive three sides and mushroom gravy for your steak.

The dessert was so amazing, I have no pictures of it, which means it was gone within a few seconds!

You can substitute chocolate milk, instead of soda. Also, there is a kid's menu for picky eaters.

A play area is located inside the restaurant, which is perfect for kids who get antsy at the table while waiting for the food to arrive.

Skyline Lounge is located across from the castle, in the LEGOLAND Hotel section. I rate the food there a 2 out of 5. However, this restaurant is located by the bar and you can find local Florida beer on tap there.

Insider Tip: I would suggest ordering a pizza for the family to save money, but keep your expectations low.


The park closes earlier than most theme parks, so we spent most of our evenings at the pool. Large LEGOS are floating all over the pool. It made swimming so much fun! There are plenty of lifeguards to keep your kids safe. Also, life vests are provided, if needed.

Insider Tip: Only hotel guest are allowed to swim at this pool.

Putt Putt Golf

The putt putt golf is expensive at $8.00 a person and the course is just okay. However, the LEGO displays located all over the golf course, are breathtaking.

Insider Tip: Two and under are free.

Walk the Grounds and Explore Nature

You should spend about an hour walking the trails, looking at all the creative and beautiful LEGO art pieces. You will find a lot of surprises. You can even start a competition to see who can find the most LEGO artwork.

Now plan your trip! Spaces are limited due to availability limits.

If you want to leave a little silly LEGO surprise for the next family, add a mustache and goatee to the monkey on the treasure chest. My son thought of this idea and it's beyond cute. He looks like an extremely smart monkey now.

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